It’s All My Fault

Ever since I was a little girl, I hoped for a hurricane named Sandy.  Well, Sandra would have been even better.  You can’t have everything.  I just never thought it would happen.  It’s so far down in the alphabet. 

I was wondering what this lump was in the middle of the creek, then I realized it was my sprinkler pump.

See  that sign on the right?  Are you interested in waterfront property?

Here’s Sweet Baby Rue watching the geese.

They were having so much fun, he thought he’d give it a try.  He changed his mind when his feet kept sinking into the muck.

I thought I should mention that these were taken at mid-tide.  Rue would be in several inches of water if he were there now.

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  1. sheila Says:

    I always wamted a sheila she should be a pisser.

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