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I wasn’t very happy with the latest sock club kit.  Knitting tan socks and then embroidering them was not something I cared to do.  I liked the sock pattern and will probably make it some day, just not in that color.  This was definitely one of those times when I wish that Red Bird Knits was still making sock kits.  And I didn’t like the hat pattern either.  I have decided that I will not be renewing in 2014.  Socks That Rock can call it, “It’s not about me Brown”, but it’s just plain old boring flat tan.  They really need to get there act together.

Along came The Knitter Lace Collection.  I could happily knit about half of the designs so buying it was a no-brainer.  I know my scarf won’t look anything like the one on the cover, but it has been so much fun to knit that I could easily make another.  And in a great yarn of course.  I didn’t have enough of the multi-colored yarn to make twenty repeats of the leaf edging, but I did manage eighteen.  Close enough.  It was easy to see where to pick up for the main lace pattern.  The pattern called for two hundred stitches and I had 180.  I did have to squeeze in four extra stitches, but they are not noticeable. 

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