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But. But. I Just Wanted to Play!

April 19, 2012

On to the Next Pair

February 29, 2012

I got this yarn in December.  Who has time to make Christmas socks in December?  It should have been sent in October.  Or maybe even August with the way I was going.  This sock went so fast.  And it’s cute.  Sometimes you just have to make cute.  I have happy socks.  Why not have cute socks?   I love the little loops along the top.

When the February sock club came, I was very happy with the yarn.  The patterns left something to be desired.  I was expecting two totally different patterns which they weren’t.  Granted, it was a glove and a sock, but the cuffs on both were the same.  And they literally buttoned closed.  I make gloves and socks for warmth.   I don’t want to see any gaps.  So I got out Anna Zilboorg’s Magnificent Mittens and Socks, a fun book.  Next came two skeins of Great Adirondack’s Smoochie.  Looks like I’ll be getting the swift and ball winder out in the next few days.

I wonder how much cat help I’ll get.