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Christmas Shopping

November 30, 2008

I’m going back to Reisterstown for a few days.  Jenn and I are going Christmas shopping.  It’s been raining all day which doesn’t thrill me at all.  See You.

Danish Doll Hat

November 30, 2008


I finished it last night.  I think it turned out well.


We had frost this morning.  The geese didn’t seem to mind.  They still managed to eat the neighbors grass seed.  I think these are Canada Geese.  Delmarva Geese don’t get up this early.


Doug had already brought in the summer flowers.  Now we’ll have leaves all over the house all winter.  Whoopee.

Black Friday

November 29, 2008

It is my understanding that it the day that retailers usually get out of the red and go into the black.  I didn’t do anything to help the situation.  It is much safer to stay home.

I decided to make a hat to go with the Danish sweater.  It’s almost finished.  Maybe I’ll have a picture in another day or two.

It’s Over

November 28, 2008

Well, almost.  We were too full for pie.  I think my son is getting a cold.  He went to bed after dinner.  We can always have pie for breakfast.


Zip wanted everyone to see his new fur coat.  No animals were killed in making this coat.  Well, maybe a few lizards and snakes and those tasty little voles.

Apple Pies

November 27, 2008

I’m a baker, not a cook.

I made pie crust this morning, rolled it into a ball, wrapped it in waxed paper and put it into the refrigerator.  Then, I got out my the peeler, corer, slicer thingy and started it in on the apples.  I think it’s the best Christmas present my daughter ever gave me.  It saves a lot of time and energy.  After the apples were done, I got out the brown sugar, corn starch, cinnamon and nutmeg.  I mixed it up, dumped it on the apples and that went into the refrigerator, too.  I sat down for a little while, had a roll and apple cider and watched “Keeping Mum” on TV—a very enjoyable movie.  I HAD to go to the supermarket.  When we got back, I rolled out two pie crusts and tried to get all the apple mixture in them.  I put little bits of butter on them, rolled out top crusts and did my best to seal them.  I sprinkled maple cinnamon on them and we went to have a pizza.  So, now, they are in the oven cooking.  If they make it to dinner tomorrow untouched it will be a miracle.  These pies are the main reason my son is coming.


I finally managed to get a picture of the kingfisher.

Olive is Pooky

November 26, 2008

I took Olive to the vet today.  She got two shots and worm medicine.  She slept all afternoon and didn’t want supper which is unusual for her.  I also made an appointment for her “operation”.  I need to take Elvis one day soon.  He could use another shot.  He has been a little congested.  Dr Mike said that a tech can do it so I won’t have to wait so long.


I finished my Danish sweater last night and got back to my red socks.  I am expecting another sock club next week and still have another to make.


I had trouble getting it over the doll’s head.  I should have made the neck looser.


November 25, 2008

Every year at Thanksgiving, I have to go to the cemetery.  I have to.  It calls me.  I tried waiting until afterwards a few times.  It didn’t work.  I had to go.  I don’t get anything  accomplished until I go.  And I don’t have any Christmas spirit either.  The cemetery comes first.  That’s all there is to it.  I got out my decorations and my T-pins, but I didn’t leave until 10:30.  Doug wanted to get the oil changed first.  So I got out the refrigerator roll dough I made last night and made up a few rolls.  While they were rising, I got dressed.  When Doug got back he took Gus for a short walk and I baked the rolls.  I also called Linda to come over and have some.  I got out the butter and jam.  They were wonderful.  They are so good right out of the oven.  It takes about two hours to get to the cemetery so I was glad to have Doug come along.  He decorated Nannie and Pop while I did Louie.  Christmas decorations are much better than flowers especially in Winter.  They look so festive.  I chat. I cry. I show off my sweater.  I wish Daddy were here too.  I feel better.  I can go on.

Elvis Playing

November 23, 2008

I got out the gallon of apple cider this afternoon.  When I twisted the lid, the ring flipped off onto the floor in front of Elvis.  He has always had a thing for rings. 


Not bad for a 18 year old cat.

I Talked to My Son Today

November 23, 2008

Win’s coming down for Thanksgiving Thursday afternoon.  He’s leaving early Friday because he has to work in the evening.  I’ll be glad when he gets a regular job.  I wanted to make Lasagna, but he asked for turkey and rolls and apple pie.  I bought apples when I went to Paradise on Veterans Day, so he is anticipating pies.  The pies and rolls are no problem.  It’s the turkey.  They are godawful big.  You have to cook them for hours.  It smells up the whole house.  The giblets are disgusting.  You have to make gravy and dressing.  BUT, they have great legs.  Once the legs and white meat is gone, I want to throw the rest out.  But I won’t.   There is always turkey pot pies.  I’ll make soup with what’s left.  It’s my nature. 


 I looked out this morning and I saw this lonely duck.  She was calling, but no one was answering.


I forgot I had these.  They are made out of warm, soft, bunny hair.  I’ve started putting together my little sweater.  Maybe I’ll have a picture in another day or two.

Nowhere to Go

November 22, 2008

Poor Paul is having major computer problems at work so we aren’t going out this evening.  I’m glad I have never had any desire to own my own business.  I put in nine hours a day and went home.

So anyway—It snowed today—twice! 


The kids went out to play for a while, but they soon returned.


Open the door!  You stupid human!


Please!  Please, let me in.  I’ve been out here for hours and days and weeks.  Please. 


Michael had a good time.