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I Wish I Had Brought my Camera

September 10, 2010

Besides being a perfect day for a walk, there were some great Kodak moments out there.  Looking out over the horse farm, I saw the most beautiful cloud formations.  It was like a Hudson Valley School painting with that almost surreal appearance.  One of my neighbors, an older gentleman, was decked out in a very nice suit and tie.  I’m used to seeing him in a polo shirt, shorts and sandals.  I didn’t ask him where he was going.  I didn’t want to know.  There was a bunch of ducks hanging out on the old pier so we just them(and they watched us) from the other pier.  Plus, it has benches to sit on.  Next on my list, one of those Nordic Cruisers went by.  They’re kind of cool.  Oh.  I forgot the Police boat.  They’re kind of funny looking.

   Look!!  He’s smiling!

Dot is not.

I Talked to My Son Today

November 23, 2008

Win’s coming down for Thanksgiving Thursday afternoon.  He’s leaving early Friday because he has to work in the evening.  I’ll be glad when he gets a regular job.  I wanted to make Lasagna, but he asked for turkey and rolls and apple pie.  I bought apples when I went to Paradise on Veterans Day, so he is anticipating pies.  The pies and rolls are no problem.  It’s the turkey.  They are godawful big.  You have to cook them for hours.  It smells up the whole house.  The giblets are disgusting.  You have to make gravy and dressing.  BUT, they have great legs.  Once the legs and white meat is gone, I want to throw the rest out.  But I won’t.   There is always turkey pot pies.  I’ll make soup with what’s left.  It’s my nature. 


 I looked out this morning and I saw this lonely duck.  She was calling, but no one was answering.


I forgot I had these.  They are made out of warm, soft, bunny hair.  I’ve started putting together my little sweater.  Maybe I’ll have a picture in another day or two.

Do You Have Your Ducks in a Row?

August 24, 2008

I’ve been working on it, but they won’t listen.

A Good Day for Ducks

August 17, 2008
happy ducks

happy ducks

All day long, there have been ducks splahing about in the creek.  It was a beautiful day, but warmer.  We finally put the air on at noon, but it will probably be off again by bed time.  It’s so nice to have the windows open and be able to hear the outside noises.  It really has been a great week.  Yesterday was the first time all week that we had the air conditioning on and that was because Doug was not well.  He is so much better today and he has something in case it happens again.  I am so glad that’s all it was.  He’s a pain in the ass, but he’s all mine.

Here’s the latest picture on my gloves.  I’m much happier now.


July 17, 2008

My son is here for a few days.  He passed his last class.  He was very happy.  And so were we.  I am still amazed that he stuck it out and can now graduate.  We talked about many things this evening.  I made crabcakes.  On my way home from the ophthalmologist this morning, I stopped at a stand and got corn on the cob.  Yesterday, I made raisin walnut spice cake and Doug bought chocolate ice cream.  We had a nice little party.  I’ll probably be sick tomorrow, but it was worth it.


ducklingsI took this early this morning. It reminds me of one of those carnival games.sleepy Gus

Notice his nose in Doug’s shoe.  That is so gross.

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No SUn Again

April 8, 2008
Fifty degrees, cloudy and drizzling sucks! It can really make a person grumpy. Luckily, Linda was full of gossip toady. She wants to punch her other neighbors lights out. I don’t blame her. The man is a pompous ass and his wife is a class A wimp. Her ranting and raving lifted my spirits. She’s really good at coming up with scenarios of what she would like to do to him. I had called her to tell to look out her window. And this is what we saw.

There was also a Great Blue, but I couldn’t get them all in the same shot. There is also a duck nesting on the same island as the goose. I hope I am home when they begin to hatch. I was last year. They were born in the pouring rain. I don’t guess it mattered to them, but I had to watch from inside.

I got some mending done and Zip helped me finish my blue sweatshirt. Of course, he had his own opinion about what should be done.

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