I Talked to My Son Today

Win’s coming down for Thanksgiving Thursday afternoon.  He’s leaving early Friday because he has to work in the evening.  I’ll be glad when he gets a regular job.  I wanted to make Lasagna, but he asked for turkey and rolls and apple pie.  I bought apples when I went to Paradise on Veterans Day, so he is anticipating pies.  The pies and rolls are no problem.  It’s the turkey.  They are godawful big.  You have to cook them for hours.  It smells up the whole house.  The giblets are disgusting.  You have to make gravy and dressing.  BUT, they have great legs.  Once the legs and white meat is gone, I want to throw the rest out.  But I won’t.   There is always turkey pot pies.  I’ll make soup with what’s left.  It’s my nature. 


 I looked out this morning and I saw this lonely duck.  She was calling, but no one was answering.


I forgot I had these.  They are made out of warm, soft, bunny hair.  I’ve started putting together my little sweater.  Maybe I’ll have a picture in another day or two.

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  1. Christine Says:

    Our Canadian Thanksgiving was about a month ago. Maybe I will cook a chicken for the American Thanksgiving.

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