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The Pieces are Complete

February 13, 2014

021314 008  Dot has been working hard at pinning down the pieces.  She holds the T pins between her toes and pushes them in place with her nose.  She is very talented.   She  does, however, require a full pot of coffee in order to complete this task within a reasonable about of time. 

0123914   021314 012  As you can see, she is very good.  What would I do without her?  She even knew to block the back and fronts first.  I’ll be able to work on the collar and button bands while the sleeves are still drying.  With this cold wet weather, it’s taking two days.

Dot is NOT Happy

October 12, 2013

20131002_125531  She has been giving Maggie Pie sewing lessons. 


20131005_161201  And she was very happy with her progress.  She even let her work alone one night.

And, this is what happens.

P1050654  Maggie Pie made a little wall hanging for Hallowe’en.  She was so proud of herself.


Cats Can Sew

October 3, 2013

I’ve been outside a lot lately, enjoying the weather, when I should have been sewing. I had a little wall hanging to make for October and I am making a quilt for my nephew and his soon-to-be wife.  I have been making great progress on a silk shawl while sitting on the deck.  This is my second start.  It’s just doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy like I think it should.  Maybe I’ll feel better when it’s finished and blocked.

In the meantime, Dot has been trying to work on the quilt.


Here she has fused part of an applique before sewing it down.  Note the coffee cup on the far left.  I guess I really did smell coffee in the middle of the night.  I still wonder how she managed the iron.  It must weigh almost as much as she does.  Could Gus have helped her? 


I Was Away. Did You Miss Me?

April 3, 2013

P1050365  Huh?

P1050386  ZZZZZ.

P1050387  Of course, I missed you!  What was your name again?

I Made a Mistake

September 27, 2012

Last Friday, I drove over to Easton to buy a few extra yards of fabric to coordinate with a kit I had bought.  I want to make it big enough to cover a twin bed.  After finding what I needed, I had a look around the shop.  Sitting in a basket with some boring pre-cuts, was a gorgeous six-inch jelly roll of Kaffe Fassett Collective in Fire.  I didn’t want to buy it.  Really.  I didn’t.  But I did. 

Not the best picture, I know.  But I was in a hurry.

Sweetums fell in love with it. 

“Is it enough to make a quilt?” 


“Can you get more?  It would look great on our bed!”

Oh my.  What have I gotten my self into?  I should have known better.  What was I thinking?  So.  After spending about two days and  two hundred dollars at various websites, I think I have enough for a queen quilt.  I just hope he doesn’t bug me too much about getting it made. 

I still have this one to finish.  I think I have to make Dot one of her own.

What was I Going to Say?

June 4, 2012

I sat down to write, but I had mail to read.  And then, I wanted to see what Otis and his brothers were up to.  Is it going to rain?  Should I go ahead and order that book everybody has been talking about?  What’s on TV tonight?  And on.  And on.  And on.  Oh, yeah.  I was going to blog about………. What?  Horse feathers.  I don’t know!!!

So this is what have I been up to: 

  • The front band on my vest is almost finished.  It looks pretty good, but it made need a little tweaking before I give it to my daughter.  It’s been a fun knit.   
  • I steamed five pounds of shrimp the other day.  After we had our fill, I peeled the rest for salad, shrimp fried rice and anything else I can think up.  We won’t be wanting shrimp again for a long time once we finish it.
  • I got shots in my knees this morning.  I’m already noticing a difference.  We’ll see after our walk tomorrow.
  • Dot has been giving Olive a hard time lately.  I think she doesn’t her picking on Flo or she just doesn’t like the noise.  Maybe she wants to be boss.  That’s fine with me.
  • My sock club came.  I’m not real thrilled with the colorway, but it will go with a lot of things.  I definitely like the sock pattern.  There is also a little shawl pattern that is kind of cute.  I’m not much on shawls.  They tend to wind up as cat beds.

Wow.  Not bad for not knowing what to say.  Was that a double negative?  Where’s an English teacher when you need one? 

Always an atention getter.


May 21, 2012

I drove down to Mernie’s a few days ago to get local strawberries.  They are small, but the most delicious I’ve ever tasted.  Well.  I managed to spend around fifty dollars.  They also had local asparagus and those little red potatoes that go so well with just about anything.  The peaches were from South Carolina, but they looked good so I bought some.   Then, there were the flowers in the greenhouses.  So much fun all in one place!  I love life here.  Moving here was the best thing that Sweetums ever said to me.


Nothing to See Here Folks

April 22, 2012

It’s a rainy day and I seem to be the only one up and about.  Even Sweetums is sleeping.  I started a pot roast.  Sweetums really likes them.  Me?  Well, let’s just say that the thought of eating it for four of five meals does not appeal to me.  This is one of those times when I wish that my children lived closer.  But they need to live where they can get a good job.  And I am not about to give up my little creek and the laid back way of life that is Lower Slower Delaware. 

I seem to have these little balls of fur lying around today.


And some not so little.

I Wish I Had Brought my Camera

September 10, 2010

Besides being a perfect day for a walk, there were some great Kodak moments out there.  Looking out over the horse farm, I saw the most beautiful cloud formations.  It was like a Hudson Valley School painting with that almost surreal appearance.  One of my neighbors, an older gentleman, was decked out in a very nice suit and tie.  I’m used to seeing him in a polo shirt, shorts and sandals.  I didn’t ask him where he was going.  I didn’t want to know.  There was a bunch of ducks hanging out on the old pier so we just them(and they watched us) from the other pier.  Plus, it has benches to sit on.  Next on my list, one of those Nordic Cruisers went by.  They’re kind of cool.  Oh.  I forgot the Police boat.  They’re kind of funny looking.

   Look!!  He’s smiling!

Dot is not.

Is It Saturday All Ready?

June 6, 2010

Where did the week go anyway?  It is so hard to blog when it’s so hard to stay in for any reasonable amount of time.  Then there are so many other things that need to be done. 

This is Dot.  She is one year old and will gladly give you her opinion on everything.  Her former owner was “allergic”.  Dot is the one with allergies, but it’s not bad — just an occasional runny nose or watery eye.  She has been going outside for two weeks and she really likes it.  She will come and get you and holler at you and lead you  to the door.  She is really good about coming in when it’s dark unlike some cats we know.  Why did we get her?  We wanted another cat.  That’s it.

I’ve been working on the sweater.  It doesn’t look anything like the original.  I wish that exact lengths were given rather than “desired length”.

It was really hot this afternoon so I started a pair of cotton entrelac socks.  Sorry for the poor picture.  I should have used my other camera.