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Olive and Cora

June 14, 2013


Some cats know how to pose.


Others don’t.  Or they just don’t give a shit.  I’m not certain which.

I’ve been in Sew Mode

March 21, 2013

It happens.  Sometimes I just feel like sewing.  I had little pieces of Peanut Christmas left so I sewed them together and made this.


I backed it with a freebie panel and I can use it year round.  Now Cora can sleep in the chair undisturbed.


About time, you stupid human.DSCF1190


Egg Salad to Tuna Salad

July 26, 2012

Sometimes, I like to make egg salad.  But Sweetums thinks it’s gross and disgusting.  What does he know?  He’s from Oklahoma.  Well!  I’ve come up with the perfect solution.  And we both get what we want.  I hard boil two or three eggs and make myself an egg salad sandwich.  There is about enough left for half a sandwich.  I get out a can of tuna ( Have you noticed that they are getting smaller?)  and dump it in the egg salad.  Sweetums says it’s the best tuna salad he ever tasted.   Go figure.

And Cora had tuna water.  And it was good.

Still Nasty

April 23, 2012

It wasn’t raining exactly, more like a fine mist.  In the mid-forties made the air feel chilling and raw.  We only went to the end of the road this morning.  Even Gus was ready to go home and stick has head back under the bed.  I really hope the sun comes out soon.  I miss those warm sunny days we had.  This weather puts me in such a bad mood.

Cora was disappointed that her picture was not in yesterday, so here she is.  It’s not a good picture, but she was mad at me at the time.


My socks  will be finished today, except for the toes.  I want my daughter to try them on first.  They should fit.  Her feet are only a half-size bigger than mine. 


I can’t decide what to start on next.  There’s the vest, but another sock club arrived and I don’t like getting behind on them.  Maybe after I get all the yarn rolled, I’ll know.

Nothing to See Here Folks

April 22, 2012

It’s a rainy day and I seem to be the only one up and about.  Even Sweetums is sleeping.  I started a pot roast.  Sweetums really likes them.  Me?  Well, let’s just say that the thought of eating it for four of five meals does not appeal to me.  This is one of those times when I wish that my children lived closer.  But they need to live where they can get a good job.  And I am not about to give up my little creek and the laid back way of life that is Lower Slower Delaware. 

I seem to have these little balls of fur lying around today.


And some not so little.

When Will He Ever Learn?

September 6, 2011

Last week, Rue finally got up the nerve to climb the ladder and get on the roof.  The roof is Cora’s favorite Hang Out.  She was NOT happy!   Last week, Rue climbed back down the ladder.  This week, he forgot.  Nothing could entice him to climb back down, not even his favorite food.  So we ignored him.  It didn’t work.  He went into a complete panic.  After two hours, Sweetums climbed the ladder and carried him down.  He didn’t go anywhere near the ladder for a few days.  This afternoon,while I was sewing, I heard a cat crying.  And there he was–sitting at the top of the ladder crying.  I called Sweetums to get him.  He climbed the ladder, picked him up and brought him down.   Rue considers this the way to get down now.  He’s the baby.  You gotta love him.

Irene! Why Did You Do This?

August 29, 2011

Three trees went down on our tiny island.  I hope that it doesn’t discourage the geese couple next year.


Other than leaves and branches everywhere, there wasn’t much damage around here.  The creek overflowed into some yards, but that’s typical of any storm. 

One of the advantages of a hurricane is being able to leave the western windows open.  The girls loved sitting in the window, especially Cora.

Sunday morning, she was the first one out.  Here she is, trotting toward me.  It’s a wonder I was able to take this before she was on me for a back scratch.  It’s also a wonder my camera isn’t covered in cat hair.

“What twelve-foot drop?”  “I need to scratch my face!”  She is fearless!

Not to be outdone, Miss Olive gave it a try.  She said it was wet.  She doesn’t like wet.

Flo (aka Princess) stayed in and finished Olive’s breakfast.  Then she had, au lait sans cafe.   Thank you, Miss Kraft.  Some things you never forget.

Where was that boy during all this?

Watching rain and wind is really hard work!

Weeds: There’s an APP for That

August 8, 2011

After hitting END, wait about an hour.  A vehicle appears in your driveway.  Late the next day, all the weeds are gone.  It’s a miracle.  There was one little problem.  Sweetums programmed it to remove the ferns.  I didn’t discover it until it was too late.  What do I do?  Is there an app for butt boils? 

It even weeded around the volunteer Impatiens.


And whatever these are.






I still have to chop at some bushes.  They’re blocking my view of the water.  I attacked them three or four years ago.  Sweetums almost had a heart attack.  Well, they grew back.  And I’m going to do it again.

Hot and Humid…..and Feeling Old

May 31, 2011

It was almost 80 when we got up.  Barf.  I stumbled around and dressed while Sweetums made coffee.  I drank half a cup before we left for our walk.  You know, I will never understand why my children don’t drink coffee.  It amazes me that they can function in the morning without it.  It’s not that they don’t have jobs.  It must be nice. 

 Where was I?  Gus, as usual, was ready to go.  I could whisper,”walk” at 3AM when he is sound asleep and that dog would be up and out the door in a flash.   He spent a good deal of time in the river up to his belly, walking around and drinking the water.  I should get a longer leash for the summer so he can go out further. 

I felt like dying or sleeping, when I got back.   Pain woke me up twice during the night.  My other  hip was bothering me and my knees, as usual.  What did I do yesterday?  Nothing out of the ordinary.  OK.  Enough whining.

My new phone will not fit in my little carriers.  It’s too skinny and too long.  I need to make new ones.   They’re fun to make, although, digging through my fabric stash can be downright scary.    

I have to finish this first.  I haven’t gotten much work done on it due to the nice weather.  Now, it’s too hot out and it’s really coming together.  The cutter has been a big help.  I always feel good when I complete a project. 


 Here’s Cora, holding down the dining room table.

I Cleaned My Worktable!

May 21, 2011

It was so easy.  It didn’t take any time at all.  I just spilled coffee on everything.  And the best part is….. I found the password that I have been searching for everywhere. 

And what else?

I’ve been enjoying Spring.

And so have the kids.