When Will He Ever Learn?

Last week, Rue finally got up the nerve to climb the ladder and get on the roof.  The roof is Cora’s favorite Hang Out.  She was NOT happy!   Last week, Rue climbed back down the ladder.  This week, he forgot.  Nothing could entice him to climb back down, not even his favorite food.  So we ignored him.  It didn’t work.  He went into a complete panic.  After two hours, Sweetums climbed the ladder and carried him down.  He didn’t go anywhere near the ladder for a few days.  This afternoon,while I was sewing, I heard a cat crying.  And there he was–sitting at the top of the ladder crying.  I called Sweetums to get him.  He climbed the ladder, picked him up and brought him down.   Rue considers this the way to get down now.  He’s the baby.  You gotta love him.

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