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A New Collar for the Pup

June 13, 2015

gus 001  The latch broke.  I can’t complain.  The old one was over ten years old.  Actually, it’s a blessing.  I noticed his name tag was too worn down to read.  Now he has a new collar and tag in case he gets lost.  He’s a little tired now.  He had to show it off to all his friends.  He thinks he’s beautiful.

My projects have not been going smoothly this past week.  I’m not certain whether I had three migraine headaches or a three-day migraine headache.  My head was so full of mush.

Another Little Quilt

September 9, 2013


This one goes on my island. Now I can set anything on it without damaging its butcher block top. And, of course, it’s cute as can be.


Gus was a little upset that there were no dogs on it.  So I showed him the other side.  He mumbled something about the injustice of it all.


We Were Walking the Dog

September 2, 2013

We were about halfway down the lane when we heard a noise.  At first, we thought it was a bird calling.  We also noticed something black in the road.  A shoe?  We soon realized that the noise was coming from the black shoe and, then, it started to move toward us.  Definitely not a shoe.   The shoe was a kitten.  She let Sweetums pick her up.  She purred and cried at the same time.  Definitely talented.  Sweetums handed me the house keys and the kitten and I took her home and Sweetums and Gus continued down the lane. 

I brought her in and put her on the counter with some kitten chow.  While she ate and purred and hollered, I got out the flea drops and put one on her neck.  She didn’t even notice.  She had fleas and ear mites and she was starving.

P1050612  So now, we have another mouth to feed.  And what a mouth!

I Was Away. Did You Miss Me?

April 3, 2013

P1050365  Huh?

P1050386  ZZZZZ.

P1050387  Of course, I missed you!  What was your name again?

Quiet Morning

April 30, 2012

Our morning walk was very enjoyable today.  It was overcast and the air felt thick, but also peaceful.  There were a few people about and we waved, but there was a feeling of aloneness.  Sweetums felt sleepy, and now, I believe he has gone back to bed.  I sat on the pier and watched the geese across the river.  There were a litter of goslings over there and many adults.  They saw Gus and came over honking the whole trip.  They can get pretty raucous.  They don’t really do anything.  They swim around for a while and wander back to the other side.  I am not certain what they gain by this.  Gus doesn’t pay them any attention.  He likes to wade and drink river water.  I guess it has more flavor.    The cats are the same way.  We always keep a big water bowl out on the back porch.  It gets the most use after it’s been sitting there for a few days collecting various leaves, twigs and acorns and, of course, turning a nice shade of green.

I need to get ready for Sheep&Wool.  I’m taking classes on Japanese knitting on Thursday and Friday.  Several of my knitting friends think I am daft, but I like taking classes.  Remember.  I try to learn something every day.  I figure I’ll learn enough for a couple of months worth of not having to think.

Still Nasty

April 23, 2012

It wasn’t raining exactly, more like a fine mist.  In the mid-forties made the air feel chilling and raw.  We only went to the end of the road this morning.  Even Gus was ready to go home and stick has head back under the bed.  I really hope the sun comes out soon.  I miss those warm sunny days we had.  This weather puts me in such a bad mood.

Cora was disappointed that her picture was not in yesterday, so here she is.  It’s not a good picture, but she was mad at me at the time.


My socks  will be finished today, except for the toes.  I want my daughter to try them on first.  They should fit.  Her feet are only a half-size bigger than mine. 


I can’t decide what to start on next.  There’s the vest, but another sock club arrived and I don’t like getting behind on them.  Maybe after I get all the yarn rolled, I’ll know.

Nothing to See Here Folks

April 22, 2012

It’s a rainy day and I seem to be the only one up and about.  Even Sweetums is sleeping.  I started a pot roast.  Sweetums really likes them.  Me?  Well, let’s just say that the thought of eating it for four of five meals does not appeal to me.  This is one of those times when I wish that my children lived closer.  But they need to live where they can get a good job.  And I am not about to give up my little creek and the laid back way of life that is Lower Slower Delaware. 

I seem to have these little balls of fur lying around today.


And some not so little.

Rue Boy Has Made His First Kill

July 28, 2011

And that rug deserved killing, too.

Even Gus thought it was worth a good laugh.

Can I Put my Wool Hats and Gloves Away Yet?

April 28, 2011

Can I put my turtlenecks, fleece tops and cords away?  Can I get out my shorts and sandals?  I hope so.  The last several days makes me want to do it.  But, it’s not May yet.  What to do. What to do. 

These days,  the only time I see Flo is when I get up in the morning and at suppertime.   She likes to sleep on the porch furniture at night and in the bushes during the day.  I don’t like her spending the night out, but she doesn’t care.  Don’t tell me to keep her in.  You have never been around this cat when she wants to go OUT!  And it better be NOW! 

I finished these yesterday and started another pair today.   I’ve had some blue that is boring, but I found an interesting pattern in More Sensational Socks.  I am thinking about making gloves with this leftover yarn.  They’re always fun to make.  And you don’t have to take off your shoes and socks to try them on.  This can be done at knitting group, but not on the subway.  It’s frowned upon for some reason.  When it gets too hot to knit with wool, I’ll switch to Sockotta yarn.  I’ve four skeins of the stuff and some Panda Cotton somewhere.

Cora has been trying to teach Rue back stretches, but he’s not interested.

He would rather hang out with his buddy, Gus.  And what are they looking at?

Is that Olive over there?

Opposite Shore Beret

February 18, 2011

I like the pattern.  The hat fits well, but it’s a bit heavy.  I may sell it.  I had just enough yarn.  I did not bother with the cables at the very top.  Here again, they were very difficult to see in brown.  It wasn’t worth the effort.  I’ll probably make it again in another yarn.   It is a very good-looking hat.  It comes in three sizes and I think it would look good on anyone. 

I have started another pair of socks, but haven’t taken a picture yet.  I got a lot accomplished at the vet’s yesterday.  It was time for Rue’s next shot.  When I got there, the lot was very full.  I considered going back home, but I managed to get into a corner.  Besides, there was all that uninterrupted yarn time to think about and the other animal lovers.  There all always so many interesting stories.  These are Sussex County folks with a whole different outlook on life.  I really have a great time.  I love listening to them and sharing in their experiences.  They are wonderful.  Even the first time I came, I felt welcome.  Here are people who feel the same way that I do and are happy to hear what you have to say.