Still Nasty

It wasn’t raining exactly, more like a fine mist.  In the mid-forties made the air feel chilling and raw.  We only went to the end of the road this morning.  Even Gus was ready to go home and stick has head back under the bed.  I really hope the sun comes out soon.  I miss those warm sunny days we had.  This weather puts me in such a bad mood.

Cora was disappointed that her picture was not in yesterday, so here she is.  It’s not a good picture, but she was mad at me at the time.


My socks  will be finished today, except for the toes.  I want my daughter to try them on first.  They should fit.  Her feet are only a half-size bigger than mine. 


I can’t decide what to start on next.  There’s the vest, but another sock club arrived and I don’t like getting behind on them.  Maybe after I get all the yarn rolled, I’ll know.

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