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Time for a Quickie

July 31, 2013

I had such a good time, I did it twice.


Little Wallet by Valori Wells.  This stitched up in no time.  The directions were well written.  Even a man could make it.  Well, my son anyway.


I only changed one item on the directions.  I used velcro instead of hand sewing a snap.  I lied.  I also did not bother to whip stitch the opening closed.  If you iron it carefully and sew along the edge neatly, it is not necessary.  These are completely done on my sewing machine.  From start to finish, it should take less than one hour to complete.  That is without cat help, dog help, or, God forbid, husband help.

What to Do Next

July 28, 2013

I finished my monthly mini hangy thingy today.


Usually, I make two cat squares.


The trouble is —– I really want to make another Tulip Purse.  I bought laminated fabric in three different designs with lining fabric that “kind of” goes with it.  I couldn’t make up my mind so I bought all three and now, I can’t decide which one to make first.


But, you know.  There’s that little change purse kit I bought.


I think I’ll go knit.

Second Decent Day

July 26, 2013

Last night we slept with the windows open.  It’s so great to have the air conditioning off and real air flowing through the house.   Yesterday, it was raining in the morning, but today we were able to walk down to the pier over the river.  It’s been a while.  It’s hard to do anything outside when the air reminds me of warm dog breath.  You big dog owners what I mean.  I’ve also managed to do some weeding.  Yeah.  I really should buy some more flowers.


Another sock.  This time I used Tofutsies and a Sockupied pattern.  The skein wasn’t full, but I have three partial skeins that co-ordinate so I figured I could make one for each foot.  No . I don’t have three feet.  Thank you very much.  I have enough trouble with the two that I have.  Hmm.  Would they charge me more for a pedicure if I had three feet?  Anyway, one sock weighed 36 grams and I have 38 grams leftover.  Another Yeah.  A good digital scale is a godsend when you throw stuff together the way that I do. 


The Little Quilt is Finished

July 25, 2013

P1050537  It’s just the right size.  And…….,

P1050541   Sheena, Warrior Princess, approves!

A Little Quilt

July 19, 2013


This is not the quilt.  These are my wavy socks.  You can see the purple peeking out on this picture.  If you want the pattern, it’s on the right under Wavy Panda Silk Socks.  I haven’t put it on Ravelry yet, so you’ll have a first.


Now, this is a quilt.  It still needs a border.  It needs to be big enough to cover  an over-stuffed chair.  Flo likes to lay on the top of the back and everyone likes the cushion.  Since it’s off white, it needs to be covered.  The chair came with the house.  It will probably be replaced when we expand the living room.  Or not.  We do have a dog chair.  Why not have a cat chair?

No one wants to sit here anyway.  It's got about seven years of Gus hair on it.

No one wants to sit here anyway. It’s got about seven years of Gus hair on it.

At Least the Rain has Stopped

July 14, 2013

The temperature isn’t that bad, but it’s very humid. 
P1050478  Flo doesn’t mind.  She still likes to work on her tan.  She’s just a summertime cat. 

I finished writing my sock pattern.  I mailed it over, but it hasn’t arrived yet.  The battery was very low and my laptop is ancient.

Twenty-eight years ago today, I was trying to take a nap in the back yard while Sweetums was painting our bedroom ceiling.  I hadn’t slept well the night before due to the heat and an enormous belly.  That night, my water broke while I was taking a bath–an interesting sight.  Later, I went downstairs and cleaned the kitchen.  Around 2Am, the pains started.  I called Dr T and woke Sweetums and told Jenn.  Sweetums didn’t believe me.  I still had ten days to go.  Idiot.  It was time to go. That’s all there was to it.  Jenn showed up about 15 minutes after we arrived.  It was good to have them both there.  My son showed up around 5:30AM.  Life is good.  Needless to say, it was not for several days until I got any sleep.

Not Another Pair of Socks

July 9, 2013

What can I say?  I’m in sock mode.  But it’s a good thing.  It’s summer after all.  No one wants a big honking sweater in their lap when it’s hot.  I really like these.  The pattern is mine.  I have been trying to write it down as I’m knitting.  I found a note pad app for my Kindle Fire.  My son gave it to me for Christmas.  I love to read and all the extras make it so useful.  I take it almost everywhere with me.  It fits into most of my purses.  What more do I need?

P1050497  I realize that the purple stripes are hard to see.  I’ll try to take a better picture.  The heel looks great.  I did a little checkerboard on the bottom.  The pattern will be up as soon as I fine tune it.

Range Hood

July 2, 2013

P1050491  Yea!  It even works.