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No Gardening Here

June 18, 2014

yard 001  Here sits the stone for the new front under the windows.  It took over two weeks to get here.  Frank is working elsewhere.  I wouldn’t want him out there anyway.  The thermometer said over 100 degrees when I took this.  Even Sheena, Warrior Princess, is heading for the shade.


The Little Quilt is Finished

July 25, 2013

P1050537  It’s just the right size.  And…….,

P1050541   Sheena, Warrior Princess, approves!

A Pie Making Day

November 7, 2012

Even though I would prefer to knit with the Warrior Princess in my lap, I made an apple pie.  This is my third this season.  I have enough apples left for two ans a half more pies, so I’m debating on getting more apples.  Two and a half  just doesn’t sound like enough.  A trip to Weber’s is planned for this weekend and Monday we’re going to Bird-in-Hand.  I’ll have two opportunities to buy apples.  I really should do it.  They are not nearly as time-consuming as they used to be.  Store bought pie crusts are now as good as I used to make.  Several years ago, my daughter gave me a crank operated peeler, slicer, corer.  Sometimes, I still need to do a little peeling and/or slicing.  Winesaps are rather misshapen so it happens.  Actually, I think my pies are better than ever because I can make them quickly and easily.