A Pie Making Day

Even though I would prefer to knit with the Warrior Princess in my lap, I made an apple pie.  This is my third this season.  I have enough apples left for two ans a half more pies, so I’m debating on getting more apples.  Two and a half  just doesn’t sound like enough.  A trip to Weber’s is planned for this weekend and Monday we’re going to Bird-in-Hand.  I’ll have two opportunities to buy apples.  I really should do it.  They are not nearly as time-consuming as they used to be.  Store bought pie crusts are now as good as I used to make.  Several years ago, my daughter gave me a crank operated peeler, slicer, corer.  Sometimes, I still need to do a little peeling and/or slicing.  Winesaps are rather misshapen so it happens.  Actually, I think my pies are better than ever because I can make them quickly and easily.


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