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Direct TV or Dish Network

September 30, 2009

I have been looking at ads, various levels of plans and what channels are offered.  I just don’t know if one is superior to the others.  I think that the best idea would be if I could pick and pay for just the channels I want.  THAT would be great!

092709 004

At least I have other things to watch.

Today, It Was The Podiatrist

September 29, 2009

Once in a while, I’ll get a cyst on the bottom of my foot.  I usually dig them out myself.  This one was on my right foot near my fifth toe.  I couldn’t turn my foot enough to get at it without pain in my hip.  After two years, I know how far I can stress my hip.  So, off I went to the podiatrist.  After an hour wait, he spent about five minutes digging it out.  Good thing I had my knitting.  I got an inch done on my socks.

My dear husband had a contractor come today.  We want to turn the back half of the garage into a hobby room.  It will be great to have all my stuff in one place and to able to have both my sewing machines out.  The back half of the wall in the family room by the garage will be removed and the whole area will have a wood floor.  There will also be a tiled laundry room.  So now my cheap husband is agonizing over how much it will cost.

092809 008 I forgot to take knitting pictures so here’s Flo.

New Pills?

September 26, 2009

Little things have been bothering me.  I am trying not to be depressed and I can’t help but wonder if it’s the pills.  I couldn’t decide about my sweater.  I didn’t know what to do about supper.  My son called to tell me some little thing and I just felt like crying.  Cora and Olive had a tiff and it upset me.  I was reading stuff on Facebook and it all seemed like such nonsense.  It’s Saturday and I know there’s nothing good on TV.  And it was cold today.  I really hate being cold.  Maybe that’s it.  So, I went on line trying to find as much information as I could about the pills.  My mouth has been very dry, almost sore, which I hate.  I have been drinking so much water that I had to get up four times last night.  So what good are they?


September 24, 2009

I really didn’t want to go there, but I’ve been having trouble for so long.  My daughter talked me into going.  I want to visit my girlfriend in Arizona.  I don’t want an aisle seat near the lavatory.  I want to be able to sit by a window and knit.  So I went.  She asked a bunch of questions, most of which I said, “yes”, to.  I have to go back in a month for a “procedure” that I don’t want to even think about right now.  She gave me some of  “those” pills to take to see if they help.  I have no intention of taking them forever.  I want the TVT surgery.  Besides, the pills can cause constipation which I don’t need.  I have hypothyroidism which makes you constipated anyway.  To make a long story short, I’m depressed.

092209 016One thing I can say for the urologist, they were prompt.  I only finished two rows on my sock while waiting.  It was very humid today, but I still sat outside and knit for a couple of hours.  I needed quiet time to think.

092209 010It was too sunny for Zip.092209 022Cora kept me company.

Sweater Progress

September 23, 2009

092209 014

I’ve started the sleeves.  I’m beginning to wonder if I am going to have enough yarn.  Some hanks were a little thicker so my calculations may be off.  I may have to make the bands on the front out of something else.  I just need to match one of the colors.  It shouldn’t be that hard.  I didn’t get any work on it today.  It was too hot to have all that in my lap.  I went looking for Halloween sock yarn.   I thought I had some orange, white and black, but I couldn’t find it, but I did find some orange and pink that will have to do.  I’m going to make the Latvian Socks from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush.  They are supposed to be natural in color.

My New Handbag

September 23, 2009


092109 009

I’ve been looking for a new handbag on Etsy.  I was thinking about leather, but when I saw this, I knew it was the one.  She had several that I liked.  Most of them were solid colored,  but the orange and pink stripes called to me.  Here’s the address:   Check her out.  She has great style.

To self-righteous Joan— you have not told me anything that I didn’t already know.  So, “EXCUUUUUSSSSE ME!!”  This is my blog and I’ll give my opinion on what ever I choose.  Thank you.

First Day Out

September 20, 2009

We let the girls out after coming home from our walk.  Cora ran herself ragged and Flo had a great time, too.  091809 011Taking pictures of Cora was almost impossible.091809 009They stayed around the deck, darting in and out and up and down and all around.091809 013Zippo kept a watchful eye on them.091809 017Olive kept trying to get them to come inside.   They came in of their own accord after about two hours and everyone took a long nap.

I was Bad—-Again

September 19, 2009

I couldn’t help it.  It came out of my mouth of its own free will.  I am such a nasty old woman.  But, I enjoyed it.  And I am still enjoying it. 

I had my annual mammogram this morning.  When I finished, the technician offered me a carnation.  I paused , looked at them, looked at her, and said matter of factly, “No.  It’s—- silly.”    I’m sorry.  I’m not a little kid that is given a lollipop after getting a shot to help the tears go away.    That’s it.  I’ve said enough on that.

091209 001

Molly/Olive loves my/her shawl.  I keep it draped over the back of my favorite chair.  She likes to pull it down so it falls on her.   She’s a neat little cat and adores her new little girls.  We let Flora go outside with her and she watches her the whole time.  She is a good mother.  Cora just had her operation so we can’t let her go out yet.  She’s doing very well.  Dr. Mike really knows what he’s doing. 

091809 008

I’m making good progress on my sweater.  The lower body is finished and I finished the right front in one day.  I’m hoping to get it finished in a couple more weeks.  This picture does not do it justice.  It really looks nice.  I hope it will look at good on me. 

I think I want to make some orange socks for Halloween and I’m trying my best not to look at any other yarn.

I Joined Facebook

September 16, 2009

 Someone mentioned that it was a good way to find people.  I wanted to contact my cousin’s daughters.  She died several years ago and I have an album of pictures that I would like to give them.  I found them when my mother died.  There was a box in her basement full of Nanny’s things, most of which were clothes.  There was also some albums.  One was filled with pictures of my cousins and their parents.  I thought that the girls would like them.  I found their addresses in one of my mother’s books, but I never heard anything.  My aunt, their grandmother,  was still alive, but the information she gave me didn’t do any good.  I found one name on Facebook.  It wasn’t her, but the woman was kind enough to reply.  I was feeling pretty sad, thinking these pictures are just sitting in a box here, that there is no one else to enjoy them.  My cousin had the most beautiful  eyes.  And I know one daughter and her granddaughter also had those eyes. 

I think I’ll look on Facebook for my other cousins.  Their parents moved to Florida about forty years ago and I have only seen one of them since then.  Maybe that will cheer me.  I got a message from one of my friends from high school.  She saw our guidance counsellor at the fair.  This man was so nice to me when I was having problems.  I truly believe that I would have quit school if it hadn’t been for him.  I feel better now.

091209 007

She’s not drunk.  She’s sound asleep.  But a cute kitten is good for my spirits.

Puzzle Me This

September 15, 2009

091209 015

This pattern is in Knitted Jackets by Cheryl Oberle.  I bought the yarn several years ago at Maryland Sheep and Wool.  It’s hand dyed and hand spun.  I tried several different patterns before I finally decided on this one.  The yarn is a bit rough so it had to be a jacket rather than something close to the skin.  So far the gauge is spot on and I like the texture.

091209 014Flo lies it, too.