Today, It Was The Podiatrist

Once in a while, I’ll get a cyst on the bottom of my foot.  I usually dig them out myself.  This one was on my right foot near my fifth toe.  I couldn’t turn my foot enough to get at it without pain in my hip.  After two years, I know how far I can stress my hip.  So, off I went to the podiatrist.  After an hour wait, he spent about five minutes digging it out.  Good thing I had my knitting.  I got an inch done on my socks.

My dear husband had a contractor come today.  We want to turn the back half of the garage into a hobby room.  It will be great to have all my stuff in one place and to able to have both my sewing machines out.  The back half of the wall in the family room by the garage will be removed and the whole area will have a wood floor.  There will also be a tiled laundry room.  So now my cheap husband is agonizing over how much it will cost.

092809 008 I forgot to take knitting pictures so here’s Flo.

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