New Pills?

Little things have been bothering me.  I am trying not to be depressed and I can’t help but wonder if it’s the pills.  I couldn’t decide about my sweater.  I didn’t know what to do about supper.  My son called to tell me some little thing and I just felt like crying.  Cora and Olive had a tiff and it upset me.  I was reading stuff on Facebook and it all seemed like such nonsense.  It’s Saturday and I know there’s nothing good on TV.  And it was cold today.  I really hate being cold.  Maybe that’s it.  So, I went on line trying to find as much information as I could about the pills.  My mouth has been very dry, almost sore, which I hate.  I have been drinking so much water that I had to get up four times last night.  So what good are they?


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