I Joined Facebook

 Someone mentioned that it was a good way to find people.  I wanted to contact my cousin’s daughters.  She died several years ago and I have an album of pictures that I would like to give them.  I found them when my mother died.  There was a box in her basement full of Nanny’s things, most of which were clothes.  There was also some albums.  One was filled with pictures of my cousins and their parents.  I thought that the girls would like them.  I found their addresses in one of my mother’s books, but I never heard anything.  My aunt, their grandmother,  was still alive, but the information she gave me didn’t do any good.  I found one name on Facebook.  It wasn’t her, but the woman was kind enough to reply.  I was feeling pretty sad, thinking these pictures are just sitting in a box here, that there is no one else to enjoy them.  My cousin had the most beautiful  eyes.  And I know one daughter and her granddaughter also had those eyes. 

I think I’ll look on Facebook for my other cousins.  Their parents moved to Florida about forty years ago and I have only seen one of them since then.  Maybe that will cheer me.  I got a message from one of my friends from high school.  She saw our guidance counsellor at the fair.  This man was so nice to me when I was having problems.  I truly believe that I would have quit school if it hadn’t been for him.  I feel better now.

091209 007

She’s not drunk.  She’s sound asleep.  But a cute kitten is good for my spirits.

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  1. Christine Says:

    I am missing my furry friends. They sure are good for the spirits! My youngest daughter goes and gets the dog for the weekends. She says it is therapeutic just to bury her face in his fur and he doesn’t seem to mind if she cries a bit.

    That is a cure picture. Even that lifts my spirits. Made me smile.

    I am going to look for you on facebook.

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