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Direct TV or Dish Network

September 30, 2009

I have been looking at ads, various levels of plans and what channels are offered.  I just don’t know if one is superior to the others.  I think that the best idea would be if I could pick and pay for just the channels I want.  THAT would be great!

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At least I have other things to watch.

Einstein Coat

October 13, 2008

I started pulling the coat apart last night while trying to find something to watch on TV.  There is never anything on Saturdays any more.  I don’t watch reality shows, game shows or sports.  Most comedies are so bad that I find myself grinding my teeth in under ten minutes.  Most dramas might as well be fantasy for all the sense they make and I usually figure out who did it by the second commercial.  Often, I pretend that the comedy is a drama and the drama is a comedy.  It’s much more believable that way.

Here, I have starting unraveling.  I didn’t get any done toady because Maude took a very long nap.

She was out until midnight last night.  She got up at 6 this morning and went out.  It was almost noon before she had breakfast.  She slept right through the boys’ supper.  We finally woke her up and pushed her out the door around 6PM without any supper.  If we had fed her, she probably would have stayed out until 2AM.

It was a nice afternoon so I worked on my sock. 

I normally use six needles at this point.  There is a lost less stress on the needles and there is no gap going down the bottom of the sock.