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New Einstein

November 14, 2008

I had palanned to show what I bought today, but I’m still disorganized.  At this rate, it’l be two weeks before I have recovered.  Then there’s Thanksgiving, shopping, Christmas and New Year.  So, I’m thinking maybe February.  It’s the middle of winter.  Sounds good to me.

In the meantime, I have all these unfinished projects.  I have one red sock, one shadow purse and one miniature sleeve to finish.  After that, I can get back to my star sweater.  But, my Einstein is finished—-I think.  At least I can’t think of anything else I currently want to do with it.  I put on another collar last night, decided it didn’t look awful and used the same stuff to add little cuffs.  They may not look like much, but the yarn is a wool, angora blend and it feels really soft.


The flowers turned out well and I even made a little flowered flower pot.


I still don’t know what to do with the back.  Maybe I’ll make some colored trees and remove the same colored ones.


Still Rainning

November 6, 2008

And, now, we are getting a lot of wind.  We were able to get out for a short walk this morning.  I spent most of the day getting ready for Stitches.  And Doug washed my purple jeans for me.  I have some clothes there, but I wanted to take some of my nice sweaters and socks if it’s cold enough.  I also made sure I had everything I needed for class and , of course, personal knitting.  I’ll be taking the subway everyday so maybe I will get the other sock finished.  I hope to leave fairly early tomorrow.  I think I will drive to Reisterstown and unload the van first, then drive to the subway station and ride downtown.  I’ll pick up my badge and go to the market before returning.  I don’t think leaving my van in a downtown parking lot with all that stuff including a $300 camera and $1000 sewing machine was a good idea.  I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my sweaters either.


This is as far as I have gotten so far.  I worked on my Einstein this evening.  I believe I’ve finished the embellishing.  It looks pretty good.  I took off the collar and started another.  If I like this one, I may put on cuffs.

Einstein Jacket

October 25, 2008

The I-cord along the bottom is finished and the ends are tucked inside.  It has a tidy look.  Before, it just looked sloppy.

This is not a good picture of the back.  I should take a close up.  Now that it is completely mine, I am trying to add more color to it. 

I am not sure yet about this collar.  It’ll stay for now while I work on other parts. 

Hunting season must have started today.  I was awakened by gunshots around 7:30 this morning and they have started up again.  Sound really carries across the river.  I assume daybreak and twilight is the best time.

Got Oil?

October 21, 2008

Well.  We do.  The truck was supposed to come this morning, but didn’t show up until 1:30PM.  I went dog walking this morning by myself.  Bummer!  I used to walk all the time alone, but since the hip replacement, Doug has been walking with me.  At first, I couldn’t stand it, but then I started to like it.  I don’t feel as much like he is watching over me as I used to. 

So, the furnace cleaning guy doesn’t show up until 5:30PM.  Supper was almost ready.  I didn’t think he was coming.  He said they got a lot of no heat calls.  We haven’t even turned ours on yet.  It’s not that cold.  He was down there for about two hours.  He has to crawl through a hole in the wall to get to the furnace which is partly in sand.  I assume that’s the way those things are done here.  It didn’t seem to faze him.

One of my new handbags came today, but I forgot to take a picture.  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.  The Einstein coat is coming along.  I may have it finished in a few days.  I should say I may have the bottom edge done.  I really think that I need to do something about the collar.  This coat is so boring.  I have got to make it right.  It would be so wasteful not to wear it.

I just hope that I don’t run out of yarn.  If I do, I’m screwed.  Speaking of stupid, I joined another sock club today.  Why do I do these things?

Einstein Coat

October 13, 2008

I started pulling the coat apart last night while trying to find something to watch on TV.  There is never anything on Saturdays any more.  I don’t watch reality shows, game shows or sports.  Most comedies are so bad that I find myself grinding my teeth in under ten minutes.  Most dramas might as well be fantasy for all the sense they make and I usually figure out who did it by the second commercial.  Often, I pretend that the comedy is a drama and the drama is a comedy.  It’s much more believable that way.

Here, I have starting unraveling.  I didn’t get any done toady because Maude took a very long nap.

She was out until midnight last night.  She got up at 6 this morning and went out.  It was almost noon before she had breakfast.  She slept right through the boys’ supper.  We finally woke her up and pushed her out the door around 6PM without any supper.  If we had fed her, she probably would have stayed out until 2AM.

It was a nice afternoon so I worked on my sock. 

I normally use six needles at this point.  There is a lost less stress on the needles and there is no gap going down the bottom of the sock.

I Don’t Have a New Kitten

October 12, 2008

But, Zip considers himself the baby.  He has been very frisky since the weather cooled a little.  And he has been coming in later at night.  Maude, on the other hand, has been spending more time indoors where her toes don’t get cold.

I am trying to blog earlier today.  On most days, I’m doing it right before going to bed when I’m not thinking too clearly anyway.  I really should spend a little more time on my computer, but it’s too nice outside.  It is getting cooler.  I don’t where my sandals much, unless I’m wearing handmade socks.  I’m not wearing shorts much either, but I haven’t put them on the shelf in the back of my closet yet. 

I dragged out the Einstein coat I made a few years ago to see if I could do something with it.  I made it out of my crazy ex-girlfriend’s yarn for her to use as a sample.  The yarn is a grey, tan, brown color that she knew was the latest color.  Well, she was wrong.  I wonder what she did with all that yarn?  I am not a grey, tan, or brown person so I embellished the h**l out of it.  I got great ideas from Knitted Embellishments.  When she gave it back to me, I threw it in a closet.  But, it kept calling me.  I got it out.  I put it on—for the thousandth time.  It finally hit me.  It’s too long.  Now, if you know anything about Sally Melville’s pattern, you know that the bottom is knit sideways.  Bummer.   I have to take out the last 15 or so bound off stitches and pull out every single row along the bottom.  After I do that, I have to decide if I should cut the ends and do fringe or weave about a thousand strands through the wrong side.  Ugh!

The old man is doing well.  He had another seizure on the bed.  He didn’t wet much, so there is only the quilt to wash.  He has had three that I have seen.  Is this where the “nine lives” business comes from?