Einstein Jacket

The I-cord along the bottom is finished and the ends are tucked inside.  It has a tidy look.  Before, it just looked sloppy.

This is not a good picture of the back.  I should take a close up.  Now that it is completely mine, I am trying to add more color to it. 

I am not sure yet about this collar.  It’ll stay for now while I work on other parts. 

Hunting season must have started today.  I was awakened by gunshots around 7:30 this morning and they have started up again.  Sound really carries across the river.  I assume daybreak and twilight is the best time.

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2 Responses to “Einstein Jacket”

  1. Christine Says:

    You are very creative and I love how the jacket is turning out. It is fun to watch its metamorphosis. I love the flowers. Years ago I knit an adorable jumpsuit for my daughter. It had a poinsettia growing out of a flower pot. I cannot find the pattern and seem to have lost it forever. I will have to work hard at recreating this pattern for my granddaughter that is to be.

    My husband used to take me duck hunting with him when we were first married. I remember what I loved about it was the adventure of getting up before sunrise and being out in the crisp fall air and then watching the sun rise. We didn’t ever get any ducks.

  2. Christine Says:

    The mention of duck hunting sparked some very vivid memories so I posted about them and linked backed to here. Hope that is alright.

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