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What was I Going to Say?

June 4, 2012

I sat down to write, but I had mail to read.  And then, I wanted to see what Otis and his brothers were up to.  Is it going to rain?  Should I go ahead and order that book everybody has been talking about?  What’s on TV tonight?  And on.  And on.  And on.  Oh, yeah.  I was going to blog about………. What?  Horse feathers.  I don’t know!!!

So this is what have I been up to: 

  • The front band on my vest is almost finished.  It looks pretty good, but it made need a little tweaking before I give it to my daughter.  It’s been a fun knit.   
  • I steamed five pounds of shrimp the other day.  After we had our fill, I peeled the rest for salad, shrimp fried rice and anything else I can think up.  We won’t be wanting shrimp again for a long time once we finish it.
  • I got shots in my knees this morning.  I’m already noticing a difference.  We’ll see after our walk tomorrow.
  • Dot has been giving Olive a hard time lately.  I think she doesn’t her picking on Flo or she just doesn’t like the noise.  Maybe she wants to be boss.  That’s fine with me.
  • My sock club came.  I’m not real thrilled with the colorway, but it will go with a lot of things.  I definitely like the sock pattern.  There is also a little shawl pattern that is kind of cute.  I’m not much on shawls.  They tend to wind up as cat beds.

Wow.  Not bad for not knowing what to say.  Was that a double negative?  Where’s an English teacher when you need one? 

Always an atention getter.

On to the Next Pair

February 29, 2012

I got this yarn in December.  Who has time to make Christmas socks in December?  It should have been sent in October.  Or maybe even August with the way I was going.  This sock went so fast.  And it’s cute.  Sometimes you just have to make cute.  I have happy socks.  Why not have cute socks?   I love the little loops along the top.

When the February sock club came, I was very happy with the yarn.  The patterns left something to be desired.  I was expecting two totally different patterns which they weren’t.  Granted, it was a glove and a sock, but the cuffs on both were the same.  And they literally buttoned closed.  I make gloves and socks for warmth.   I don’t want to see any gaps.  So I got out Anna Zilboorg’s Magnificent Mittens and Socks, a fun book.  Next came two skeins of Great Adirondack’s Smoochie.  Looks like I’ll be getting the swift and ball winder out in the next few days.

I wonder how much cat help I’ll get.

Well I Have Died and Gone to Heaven

February 14, 2011

My first Socks That Rock kit came today.  I have been looking around for a few months for a new sock club.  I belonged to Red Bird Knits for years and I really miss getting the little surprises in the mail.  I never checked the site to see what was coming.  It was more fun not knowing.  I tried two other clubs, but I found myself giving away more socks than keeping.  I was afraid that I would never find another club as good as Red Bird.  And you know what?  I think I have.

The big skein is actually two–one is purple, the other orange, yellow, green, blue. And two patterns from designers that I know and like.  What’s not to love?  I had better finish that hat.

Got Oil?

October 21, 2008

Well.  We do.  The truck was supposed to come this morning, but didn’t show up until 1:30PM.  I went dog walking this morning by myself.  Bummer!  I used to walk all the time alone, but since the hip replacement, Doug has been walking with me.  At first, I couldn’t stand it, but then I started to like it.  I don’t feel as much like he is watching over me as I used to. 

So, the furnace cleaning guy doesn’t show up until 5:30PM.  Supper was almost ready.  I didn’t think he was coming.  He said they got a lot of no heat calls.  We haven’t even turned ours on yet.  It’s not that cold.  He was down there for about two hours.  He has to crawl through a hole in the wall to get to the furnace which is partly in sand.  I assume that’s the way those things are done here.  It didn’t seem to faze him.

One of my new handbags came today, but I forgot to take a picture.  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.  The Einstein coat is coming along.  I may have it finished in a few days.  I should say I may have the bottom edge done.  I really think that I need to do something about the collar.  This coat is so boring.  I have got to make it right.  It would be so wasteful not to wear it.

I just hope that I don’t run out of yarn.  If I do, I’m screwed.  Speaking of stupid, I joined another sock club today.  Why do I do these things?

Sock Club

September 6, 2008

I have been getting really nice sock yarn from the club, but the patterns are lacking.  If it weren’t for the great yarn, I would stop.  Since I am not lacking in great sock patterns, I will keep it.  Right now, I have come up with eight patterns that would work well with this yarn.  When I am ready to start them, I’ll make my final decision.  I have to finish my other Sanquhar glove first.  It’s been too hot to work outside for the past few days so very little progress has been made. 

It was a little cooler today, but very humid.  Plus, the septic guy came so I didn’t really want to be outside anyway.  It seemed like a good time to experiment with an orange chiffon cake.  I have a recipe, but it makes a really big cake.  Even with our neighbors coming over, I knew it would be too much.  I wound up making between 5/8 and 2/3 of the recipe.  This is where you look at things out of the corner of your eye and squint a lot, but not so much that you give yourself a headache.   I also made an orange drizzle icing for it.  Everyone pronounced it delicious and ate a bunch, but I still have half of it left.

One Down–One to Go

September 2, 2008

I finished the little finger on my glove today and even managed to cast on for the right hand.  I made the little finger narrower than the rest.  It has five stitches for the third side instead of nine stitches.  It’s also shorter than it is supposed to be.

I got good stuff in the mail today.  My sock club came.  I like this color much more than the last.  I’ll have to read through the pattern to see if I want to change anything.  I can’t leave anything alone.   Isn’t it a great color?



I also got my exchange from Autumn.  Are those ruffles adorable?  And check out the sock yarn.  It should make great gloves.  Wait a minute.  I’m getting too cutesy.  Let me go grump at Doug for a minute.  Do you know why old married couples bicker so much?  Because it’s fun. 


My books didn’t come, but I wasn’t really expecting them.  I also got a nice check from my dental insurance.  It was maximum for the year and they didn’t question anything.  I hate having to deal with insurance.  They want things the way THEY want it and that’s all there is to it.

Sock Club

February 29, 2008
Yesterday, we had a nice long walk, but today it was too cold and windy to go very far. When I got to end of the street, the wind got worse and I headed home. Doug said he was going to walk on, but he was back about five minutes later. On the way out, we noticed a package in the mailbox. I think he just wanted to see what was in the package. Well, it was for me. I had joined a four times a year sock club which is about all the socks I care to knit in a year.

The yarn feels wonderfully soft. It’s merino with some bamboo and nylon. I could make a whole sweater in this stuff. I like the pattern, too. I got it from Now, the problem is—Should this be my next project? I am almost finished the mittens and I have started on the second glove. And I still have one other thing to make. The baby quilt will be finished this evening and I should have a picture tomorrow.

If Zip lets me.

See that little path in my yard? My cats did that the first time it snowed and it’s still there! How could such cute little kitties do such a thing?

Don’t believe anything she says.