One Down–One to Go

I finished the little finger on my glove today and even managed to cast on for the right hand.  I made the little finger narrower than the rest.  It has five stitches for the third side instead of nine stitches.  It’s also shorter than it is supposed to be.

I got good stuff in the mail today.  My sock club came.  I like this color much more than the last.  I’ll have to read through the pattern to see if I want to change anything.  I can’t leave anything alone.   Isn’t it a great color?



I also got my exchange from Autumn.  Are those ruffles adorable?  And check out the sock yarn.  It should make great gloves.  Wait a minute.  I’m getting too cutesy.  Let me go grump at Doug for a minute.  Do you know why old married couples bicker so much?  Because it’s fun. 


My books didn’t come, but I wasn’t really expecting them.  I also got a nice check from my dental insurance.  It was maximum for the year and they didn’t question anything.  I hate having to deal with insurance.  They want things the way THEY want it and that’s all there is to it.

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2 Responses to “One Down–One to Go”

  1. autumnblossomknits Says:

    I’m glad you like the yarn. Your glove is beautiful, it must have taken a lot of effort to do such nice stranded work. I wish it got cold enough here to need to knit gloves, although, I didn’t think Delaware got that cold.

  2. Christine Says:

    Love the color. It is rich. It is fun to get stuff in the mail. I should order something. It is fun to bicker.

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