I forgot to mention that Autumn received her socks.  I sent along one of my sock patterns and enough yarn to make her own pair.  I hope it inspires her.   I also sent the rest of the yarn in case something happens.  In exchange, she is sending me something truly unique.  I forgot today is Labor Day hence there was no mail and no sock club kit.  Pook.

Poor Gus.  I had to lock him outside so I could work on pinning my quilt in peace.  You would think he was dying.  It was very nice out there, but he could see me and was not at all happy.  There is not much left to pin.  I should be able to start quilting in a day or two.  And then, I can do SOMETHING ELSE!! 

My first glove is almost done.  I worked on it some today.  I needed to get into a comfortable position for a while after all the pinning.  Can you see my little finger sticking out?

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  1. Christine Says:

    Poor little finger looks cold. 🙂 My dog doesn’t like to stay outside alone either. He sits at the back door and sigs and moans and whimpers pathetically. I toss him out when I vacuum and wash the floors. He always has to be in the middle of everything. I am sure Gus would have loved to help you pin that quilt.

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