Quilt Police

I started pinning my quilt this afternoon.  I went about it all wrong.  The quilt police are probably gathering as we speak.  They’ll take it from me and give it to someone who will quilt it according to the rules and regulations set down by some prima donna two hundred years ago.  I did it in a way that made perfect sence to be.  It worked.  So there.   

Orange Crush Quilt

Orange Crush Quilt

I’m about 3/4 of the way up to the armholes on my sweater.  The sleeves are done so I really shouldn’t be thinking about another sweater yet.  Although I really do like the swatch I made with the yellow, orange, green yarn.  And I’ll be getting my next sock club soon.  AND I still have to make gloves to match my Noro socks.  Remember them?

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  1. Christine Says:

    Ha! The quilt police! They never caught me! Seriously…my mom quilts and I have to pin them for her. She makes me use a thousand safety pins. I wonder what the quilt police think of that. I wonder what they would do to you if they were to catch you? Hahaha! Anyway…your quilt looks great but with a name like orange crush it should. I am a little skeptical about the tobacco one.

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