No Sanquhar Glove Knitting

I didn’t work on my quilt either, and part 3 has been posted.  I copy them and throw them on my sewing

6 pieces of fabric and Vogue Knitting

6 pieces of fabric and Vogue Knitting

cabinet.  Speaking of sewing, I went to Dover this afternoon.  I bought 10 yards of Warm and Natural batting.  It was half price.  Then it broke the fabric reader, so the clerk had to write everything out by hand.  Here’s what I bought.  The stuff on the left is denim with a gold snakeskin design on it—-good for making “guy”containers.  Now that certain men in my life have figured out that I can make covers for pretty much anything, I have to keep appropriate fabric handy.  The cherries is going to be placemats and the rest is quilting projects. 

I buy Vogue Knitting once or twice a year.  Whenever I subscribe, the magazine gets awful so I just pick one up occasionally.

I did a little knitting.  I got out some hand spun yarn I bought at MD Sheep & Wool about 15 years ago and made swatches.  I am trying to decide which looks best.  It’s 100% wool in a soft yellow, green, orange combination.  I’ve looked at several patterns, but I haven’t settled on one thing yet.

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  1. Christine Says:

    I don’t subscribe to knitting magazines. I like to flip through them and buy the occasional one if I see something that I like. I have quite a collection of them. It is fun to go back through them and watch the styles change.

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