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I Made This Hat

August 31, 2009

I used the leftover yarn from the gloves.  I tried to like it.  I left it laying about for a few hours.  I put it on and took it off a few times.  It wasn’t right.  I took it apart.  I thought about making a scarf.  I looked at patterns for about an hour.  It didn’t work.  This was hat yarn.  I wanted a hat.  After another two hours, I realized tat I would have to make up something.  I hate it when that happens.  So far, I have a rolled brim.  I feel as though I have wasted three days.

On the cat front, Flo is much better.  She goes balistic when we try to give her her medicine.  We have to wrap her up in a big towel.  We give her some half and half afterward.  Spoiled brat.

It is much cooler today so I cooked—nothing special, just meatloaf and potatoes.  It was something to do between searching patterns.  I should have gone down to Mernie’s and got some fruit.

Back to knitting.

No Go Flo

August 30, 2009

She didn’t come in at 6AM and bite me on the nose.  She didn’t come into the kitchen and demand half and half.  She didn’t help me eat breakfast.  She just sat there and looked at me.  I picked her up and she was warm, too warm.  She didn’t want breakfast. 

When a cat has a fever, you take her to the vet.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200. 

But, it’s Saturday!  Dr. Mike isn’t always there on Saturday.  I called.  He’s there!  Yea!  Grab a tote bag.  Throw in knitting.  Find my wallet.  Where are my keys?  I can’t drive in my slippers.  Get a carrier.  This mat doesn’t go with this carrier.  Whatever.  Drive.  There aren’t too many cars in the lot today.  I can’t get the seat-belt from around the carrier.   Note to self.  Find the smaller carrier.  It wasn’t in the garage this morning.  Or was it hiding?

I signed in.  Laurie says, “You must really like it here.”  I had been here with the girls on Tuesday for boosters.  I don’t think she even looked at my name before typing me in.  She’s good.  Of course, I’m probably the only one who knits while waiting.  I don’t understand how people can just sit and do nothing.  It would make me crazy.  I got about five rows done on a hat to go with the gloves I made.

Flo’s temperature was 105.8.  Normal for cats is about 100.  She got a shot in her leg which hurt.  My poor little girl cried out.  And she has medicine to take.  She took a long nap this afternoon.  I made a tuna sandwich for supper and she drink the tuna water.  She wolfed down all her supper.  And even had a little half and half for dessert.

Cora wanted to go out in the garage this evening.  There are crickets out there to chase.  She would love to go outside, but she hasn’t had her operation yet.  Flo, on the other hand, could care less about going out.  She likes to lay on the rug in front of the sliding door.  I have to step over her to go out.  She looks out and sniffs the air, and says, “no thanks.  I’ll stay inside.”  Anyway, all the girls are out in the garage now having a good time.  And, if Flo comes in and tests my nose for milk in the morning, I will be very happy.

082209 016

Summer is Over

August 29, 2009

We got married at the end of summer.  Today is our anniversary.  Therefore, summer is over.  I didn’t even realize what day is was until I went to date a photo.  I asked Doug if he knew what happened today and he didn’t.  No surprise there.  He’s always been clueless.  So I told him.  He said, “Happy Anniversary”.  I said it back.  And that’s the extent of our celebration.  We are not exactly romantic types.  We did go to Tapatia’s for supper, but that’s because it is Friday.  We didn’t tell our friends. 

It’s raining again.  None of my sun loving flowers did well this year.  However, the impatiens went crazy.  Every year I have some come up on there own.  This year they were in areas where they had ever been before.  This includes the wooded area on the roadside.

082809 006Doug dug up a big old dying bush here last fall.  There was nothing here two months ago.  We have never had any impatiens on this side of the house.  I only put in a few plants by the courtyard.

082809 018

082809 019

082809 016

Gus wants to play with the little girls so very much.  He stares when the Bee Jesus out of them when he jumps at them.  He doesn’t realize that he is ten times as big as them.

Tupperware Lid

August 26, 2009

Olive was walking on top of my Tupperware canisters when she fell into the rice container.  Needless to say, she was surprised.  We all were.  She only weighs nine pounds.  It cracked into three pieces.  So I called them.  I know they are about thirty years old, but what the helll.  I had to pay for shipping.  My set consists of seven canisters.  They’re my  kitchen.  082209 013

I’ve been making the lace panel gloves from the Fall 2009 Vogue Knitting.  I made a few changes.  I stared the panel in the ribbing and the little finger starts two rows before the other fingers.  It’s a better fit.   Yarn used is from Socks that Rock in color Seastone.  I’m hoping to make a beret to go with them.082409 002082409 003

082209 005

I managed to take a picture of the purple gloves before Flora made off with one.  I was able to distract her with Skunky.

It’s Too Hot

August 21, 2009

I’ve been trying to catch up with things that I’ve been putting off for months now that’s it’s gotten too hot to be outside. 

Wednesday, I made myself get down to Salisbury by 9AM to get my permanent teeth.  After a short(YEAH!) wait, I got to sit back for a while with sticky gunk in my mouth.  After a longer wait, I got to try on a wax impression with teeth.  Then, I was told to go away and come back at 2PM.  Well.  I was hungry.  All I had had was warmed up coffee.  I decided a nice breakfast was in order.  Doug was interested, so I went out by myself.  It was actually nice not having to make small talk.  I took a book with me and finished it.  I also stopped at Mernie’s and bought corn and peaches.  Corn on the cob is a great way to test new teeth.  Also, the peaches have been exceptionalthis year.  I wandered back to the dentist office.  I was number 11 on the list, but I was the fifth one called.  My new teeth feel different, but they don’t hurt.  They look better.  They look natural and they don’t push my mouth out like the old ones.  What more can I ask?  And, yes, I ate corn on the cob for supper that same day.

For my knitting friends, I will be adding two new pages soon.  I writing basic glove patterns using worsted and sport weight yarn. 

Dog Bed

Dog Bed

Gus is so kitten-pecked!  Sometimes I think that I would like to have a little dog, but Gus can’t stand them.  He has a fit whenever he sees one.  Maybe he’s afraid they will cut into his kitty time.  There was an adorable little dog with the cats at one of the shelters.  The woman said she loves the cats.  He would have been perfect.  Do you think Gus can read my mind?

Signs of Autumn

August 19, 2009

It may be 90 degrees outside, but there are definitely changes.  Half of the tuckahoe is dead.  There is scum on the water from dying vegetation.  And the geese are acting weird.  I don’t like to think about Autumn.  It means that Winter is just around the corner.

081309 015

I didn’t do anything today.  I spent more time looking at crap on the Internet then I spent knitting my last pair of gloves.  (I need to take a picture of them.)  I pulled out three balls of yarn that I originally bought for socks.  Two don’t have any nylon or polymide so I had to find some other use for them.  So, I’ve been looking at hats and gloves and I think I’ve fund something.  They are both in Vogue Knitting.  One of the things I like is how they have videos of the patterns on-line.  They are really helpful.  I also found a pattern for socks in Yarn Forward. It’s pink and orange.

081309 017Here’s my labyrinth socks.  I finished them on Friday.  And finished the purple gloves on Monday.

I Was Away

August 17, 2009

It was only there for three days and I had my laptop.  So.  Why didn’t I blog?  Hmm.  Well.  I don’t know.  Well.  No.  That’s not it.  I could have blogged.  Really.  I turned my laptop on.  I went to my blog and stared at it blankly a few times.  And then, I turned it off.  I just didn’t feel like it. 

Monday, I went to Reisetrstown to see how the house looked and see my son.  Sometimes, children ( even adult children) need to hear, “that’s all right.  I still love you”.  We had some cooking  lessons, what to throw out lessons and what to chop down lessons, like the iron bench is completed covered by forsthysia bushes.

081309 002The house really looks good.  I want to thank my daughter for finding good people to do the job.  The pompom tree on the side yard is very overgrown, but it completely hides the idiot’s porch next door.  I’m afraid I’m going to have to call the county on him again.  The hydrangea on that side don’t look very good.  They aren’t getting much sun.  I think I’ll have them moved to the front this fall.  It’s looking a little bare since I had the big holly tree removed.

081309 004 I was standing on the front porch when I saw a small pile of tiny black pellets by one of the shutters.  I slowly pulled it back and there was the bat.  I slowly closed it and got my camera.  See?  He’s smiling just for me.  I think we’ve always had bats in our attic.  For a few weeks in the fall and spring, they’d be coming in as I was leaving for work.  I liked to watch them trying to get into the tiny slot.  I missed the train more than once.  Bats are so cool!  Whenever we go to the DC zoo, I always go to the bat house.

Is that enough for today?  I hope so.

They’re Baaack

August 10, 2009

080909 003

Low tide was fast approaching, so they turned to go.  And their engine died.  After several minutes of to-ing and fro-ing and heated conversation, they sat down.  Finally, after about fifteen minutes, they managed to get it started, but just barely.  They crept out of the creek and into the river.  I wonder what next week will bring.

I Meant to Do This Over a Week Ago

August 9, 2009

Here’s my completed Mini Moochi set.080309 008I am going to look so good this winter.

 080809 001

080809 002

I really like the heel construction on these Labyrinth socks.

080809 007Possessed Demon cat?

Sew Me, Love Me

August 6, 2009

080409 001

I love this book.  The directions are clear.  It’s filled with wonderful ideas and illustrations.  And the there are complete full sized patterns in the back.  I am going to have so much fun!

080409 003

I started the Labyrinth socks Sunday.  They’re moving right along.  I like mosaic patterns.  They look difficult, but they’re fairly easy.    You know blue is not my favorite color, but it’s a good sock color.