No Go Flo

She didn’t come in at 6AM and bite me on the nose.  She didn’t come into the kitchen and demand half and half.  She didn’t help me eat breakfast.  She just sat there and looked at me.  I picked her up and she was warm, too warm.  She didn’t want breakfast. 

When a cat has a fever, you take her to the vet.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200. 

But, it’s Saturday!  Dr. Mike isn’t always there on Saturday.  I called.  He’s there!  Yea!  Grab a tote bag.  Throw in knitting.  Find my wallet.  Where are my keys?  I can’t drive in my slippers.  Get a carrier.  This mat doesn’t go with this carrier.  Whatever.  Drive.  There aren’t too many cars in the lot today.  I can’t get the seat-belt from around the carrier.   Note to self.  Find the smaller carrier.  It wasn’t in the garage this morning.  Or was it hiding?

I signed in.  Laurie says, “You must really like it here.”  I had been here with the girls on Tuesday for boosters.  I don’t think she even looked at my name before typing me in.  She’s good.  Of course, I’m probably the only one who knits while waiting.  I don’t understand how people can just sit and do nothing.  It would make me crazy.  I got about five rows done on a hat to go with the gloves I made.

Flo’s temperature was 105.8.  Normal for cats is about 100.  She got a shot in her leg which hurt.  My poor little girl cried out.  And she has medicine to take.  She took a long nap this afternoon.  I made a tuna sandwich for supper and she drink the tuna water.  She wolfed down all her supper.  And even had a little half and half for dessert.

Cora wanted to go out in the garage this evening.  There are crickets out there to chase.  She would love to go outside, but she hasn’t had her operation yet.  Flo, on the other hand, could care less about going out.  She likes to lay on the rug in front of the sliding door.  I have to step over her to go out.  She looks out and sniffs the air, and says, “no thanks.  I’ll stay inside.”  Anyway, all the girls are out in the garage now having a good time.  And, if Flo comes in and tests my nose for milk in the morning, I will be very happy.

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