Summer is Over

We got married at the end of summer.  Today is our anniversary.  Therefore, summer is over.  I didn’t even realize what day is was until I went to date a photo.  I asked Doug if he knew what happened today and he didn’t.  No surprise there.  He’s always been clueless.  So I told him.  He said, “Happy Anniversary”.  I said it back.  And that’s the extent of our celebration.  We are not exactly romantic types.  We did go to Tapatia’s for supper, but that’s because it is Friday.  We didn’t tell our friends. 

It’s raining again.  None of my sun loving flowers did well this year.  However, the impatiens went crazy.  Every year I have some come up on there own.  This year they were in areas where they had ever been before.  This includes the wooded area on the roadside.

082809 006Doug dug up a big old dying bush here last fall.  There was nothing here two months ago.  We have never had any impatiens on this side of the house.  I only put in a few plants by the courtyard.

082809 018

082809 019

082809 016

Gus wants to play with the little girls so very much.  He stares when the Bee Jesus out of them when he jumps at them.  He doesn’t realize that he is ten times as big as them.

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