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August 4, 2009

I have been trying to take a picture of Flo with her Skunky for weeks.  I finally got one this evening.  She runs around with it in her mouth.  She sticks it in a corner when she eats.  And she talks to it.  As wild as she is, I think she would be a good mother.  She’ll never get that chance.  I got her from a ‘No Kill’ shelter.  She’s been spayed and that’s fine with me.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s the way  to go.  Look at these sweet faces.  They deserve a long and happy life and we intend t give them one.

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Cora Bora

Cora Bora

You Can’t Herd Cats

August 1, 2009

Poor Gus.  He tries so hard, but they just won’t listen.  It really wears him out.  Doesn’t he know that cats just want to have fun?


P1020684And sleep.


My July socks came.  As always, another great kit.