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You Can’t Herd Cats

August 1, 2009

Poor Gus.  He tries so hard, but they just won’t listen.  It really wears him out.  Doesn’t he know that cats just want to have fun?


P1020684And sleep.


My July socks came.  As always, another great kit.

Olive caught a Mole

May 19, 2009

She was so proud of herself, she wanted to bring it in to show everyone.  We wouldn’t let her in, so she played with it for a while on the sandpile.  I don’t think she ate it.  Too much fur. 

051609 021

And now for the obligatory goose baby picture.051609 023

I managed to get about half of my flowers planted on Saturday.  Yesterday, it rained, and I had knitting group.  I’ve been working on my Red Bird socks.  As usual,   I am thoroughly enjoying these socks.

051009 011

Glad to be Home

May 7, 2009

I came back Tuesday afternoon, but I’ve been busy so I’m only now getting around to writing.  Jenn came over Tuesday morning with John’s truck and we put stuff in it to take to the dump.  Getting rid of stuff when Doug isn’t around is the best way to do it.  Even so, there were a few things that Win kept that we rolled our eyes over.  Like father, like son.  Last night, she sent me pictures of the house.  It looks like a brighter blue than it was.  Guy’s guys are doing a great job.  They scraped, sanded and caulked before painting.


Yesterday, I had shopping and cleaning to do.  By the time evening rolled around, I was too tired to think of anything to say, so I knit and watched TV.  I had gotten my sock club from Red Bird before going to Reisterstown and only did a little bit before coming home.  I am only changing this one a little bit, but I don’t want to show them until they are finished.  Here’s a picture of the kit for your enjoyment.  Can you see that the black is actually a very dark green?  I am enjoying the way the colors are changing.   


I should post something on Ravelry.  I get so lazy with that.  I also need to work on Flickr.  It has been so long since I used it and I can’t find the passwords.  I keep them all in a little book, but Flickr isn’t there.  I’m making myself crazy again.

Curlique Socks

March 10, 2009

030909-012 I am really happy with my new socks.  They are soft and squishy and are a perfect fit, if I do say so myself. 


I made a little mistake.  I didn’t notice until it was almost finished.  I wasn’t about to undo it. 





I reversed the colors on the second one.  I kept messing up so I copied the patterns and colored them. 

My daughter asked me to take the flare out of  the sleeves on the cotton sweater I had made her.  I’ve already finished one and I should be finished in a few days.   Then I can go back to the handbag.  After that, I think I’ll make another pair of socks only on size four needles so they won’t take too long.  What should I do next?  I still have a sweater and a vest that I need to finish.  Can you that I am making myself crazy here?  I got to go.

What Happened to Jimmy’s Grille?

March 8, 2009

We went there last night expecting to have another great meal like we had last month.  Boy, were we surprised!  Actually, I now wonder if the place was sold.  I think the cook used to work at MacDonald’s and it must have been the waitress’s first day.  The crab-cakes were more filler than crab-meat, the shrimp and scallops were overcooked and too few for the amount they were charging.  We were half finished our meal when the waitress got around to bringing the seafood and tartar sauce and Worcestershire.  And she never asked about dessert. 

Today was an absolutely beautiful day.  I spent all afternoon sitting on the deck and knitting.  I took lots of pictures, but I put them on the other computer and then deleted from my camera.  You’ll have to wait until tomorrow, maybe.   It was Olive’s first time outside.  So, I took a picture of my sock progress just for you. 


It Snowed

March 3, 2009

030209-016We had about four inches and it never got above freezing.  Zip went out, but the snow was too deep for him to get anywhere.  At least I didn’t have to out in it.  

I worked on my second sock this morning.  I switched patterning on this one.  I keep having to take out stitches because I forget what I am doing.  I finally had the sense to copy the pattern and color the stitches and things are going better.030209-0262

One Sock is Finished

February 28, 2009

p1010891It fits perfectly.  The pattern was easy to follow and went fast.  I’ve all ready got about two inches on the second.  It’s going to be a little different.  I’ll show you later.  I’m not certain that I like it yet. 

It was actually warm enough yesterday to sit outside for a while.  Today, it must be about 20 degrees cooler and the forecast is calling for snow on Monday.  Just as long as it doesn’t snow tomorrow.  I’ve got knitting group and I don’t want to miss it.  I don’t do snow.  

When I was working, the big boss tried to tell me how he was on his way to work one morning and how beautiful the snowflakes were.  I knew what he was really saying.  “I don’t want you staying home whenever there’s a little snow”.  I rolled my eyes at him, got up and left his office.  He was not happy with me anyway.  When he tried to make me work mandatory overtime , I got a note from my doctor.  Several months later, they said they had “lost” it and needed a new one.  I said, “tell me exactly what it needs to say and I’ll have my doctor fax you a new one.”  Boy, I certainly don’t miss all that bull crap.

I Made Muffins

February 26, 2009

p10108841I had a couple of very ripe bananas that I wasn’t going to eat so I got out two more from the freezer.   There were some cashews whose age I did not know and I had about four bags of bittersweet chocolate.  I was trying for a dozen, but I think the chocolate chips took up too much room.  This is definitely the best recipe I have come with so I will write it up and put it on a page. 

I was loading some upgrades to my embroidery software to my laptop, but they took a long time and playing with food seemed like a good idea.  Besides, Frank was here all day installing the molding and I didn’t have a decent place to sit and knit. 

Ip1010880 am about to decrease for the toe which I hope to finish tonight.  Then, I can start the second.  Here’s yesterday’s progress.  This isn’t yesterday’s.  This is two days ago.  I thought I had taken a picture, but I couldn’t find it.  Even though I don’t have big feet, I had to add about an inch.  I made a design similar to the ankle trim.

Coming to You

February 21, 2009

The router set up went pretty well.  Doug put the disk in the wrong computer.  I said I think it should go in the other, but he had to try everything else first.  Argh!  It is so nice to be able to use it whenever I want.  I get tired of  asking and waiting. 

022009-0051 I loaded a few pictures so let’s see how long that takes.  So far, this one is faster, but it may just be because there is not much on it.

Downloading this picture took about the same amount of time.  I’m just glad it worked.  I took this picture this morning.  It made nice wallpaper.





The second picture loaded more quickly.  Maybe it’s getting the idea.




Here’s my latest sock club from Red Bird.  The pattern is quick and easy and I’m enjoying making them.  I finished the ankle and the heel flap this evening.  I should have more pictures tomorrow.

The Mitts are Finished

February 5, 2009

Notice I said “finished”, not “done” as in baked in the oven.  Actually, they could stand some heat.  They are a little big.  So I put them on and washed the dishes and gave them a good scrubbing.  The cuffs are the right size so I had to be careful.  Here they are pre-wash.









Can you see the difference in the thumbs?  The left thumb (bottom) was knit with the main color in my left hand and the right with contrasting color in my right hand. Also, the left cuff is two rows shorter than the right.  I’m glad they are finished.  Now I can go back to my black socks.  When they are finished, I’m starting on these.

Red Bird Kit

Red Bird Kit

It’s mosaic which I haven’t done in a long long time.  Somewhere in this house, I have the Barbara Walker  book.  It must be forty years old.  Am I that old?  It works with one color at a time and every pattern round is worked twice.  The yarn is wool, silk, poly amide and cashmere and it’s machine washable.  That’s why I like Red Bird.  They always send great yarn and interesting patterns.
King of all he surveys

King of all he surveys