Glad to be Home

I came back Tuesday afternoon, but I’ve been busy so I’m only now getting around to writing.  Jenn came over Tuesday morning with John’s truck and we put stuff in it to take to the dump.  Getting rid of stuff when Doug isn’t around is the best way to do it.  Even so, there were a few things that Win kept that we rolled our eyes over.  Like father, like son.  Last night, she sent me pictures of the house.  It looks like a brighter blue than it was.  Guy’s guys are doing a great job.  They scraped, sanded and caulked before painting.


Yesterday, I had shopping and cleaning to do.  By the time evening rolled around, I was too tired to think of anything to say, so I knit and watched TV.  I had gotten my sock club from Red Bird before going to Reisterstown and only did a little bit before coming home.  I am only changing this one a little bit, but I don’t want to show them until they are finished.  Here’s a picture of the kit for your enjoyment.  Can you see that the black is actually a very dark green?  I am enjoying the way the colors are changing.   


I should post something on Ravelry.  I get so lazy with that.  I also need to work on Flickr.  It has been so long since I used it and I can’t find the passwords.  I keep them all in a little book, but Flickr isn’t there.  I’m making myself crazy again.

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