Cosi Restaurant? on Reisterstown Road

Barf!  We just wanted a light meal and stopped here while we were out.  Big mistake.   While we were waiting for our food, the cook came out and said the cheese wasn’t done and he put it back in.  The cheese wasn’t done?  Huh?  They couldn’t even get our order right, but it was similar so we accepted it.  When it was brought out, he asked if we wanted plates.  I was getting scared.  I picked up my knife and fork and tried to cut it.  I asked for real flatware, not this plastic stuff.  They don’t have any.  The bottom was black.   I could only scrape the topping off with  the stupid plastic knife.  Well, I wasn’t that hungry anyway.  I complained.  They didn’t even apologise.  What?


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  1. Christine Says:

    Very scary! Ughhh! I had a similar experience at the food court at the mall at Taco Time. I don’t know why I didn’t take it back. I ate it. I am still sorry.

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