Girls Day Out

There was seven  of us this time.  We had a great time.  We ran our mouths for about three hours.  We were loud and other diners were probably not happy about it, but we were oblivious.  Joan went back part-time and I heard they begged  my old supervisor to come back.  Someone said the office has gone from one of the best in the nation to one of the worst.  And I thought it sucked big time when I was working. 

Tomorrow is Sheep and Wool so I am trying to have a quiet evening.  It’s supposed to rain, so there will be plenty of wet crowds to deal with.  I hope the pin lady brings some good pins this year because I was not impressed with anything she had last year.  According to Ravelry last night, over four hundred members said they were coming including.  I just hope I remember to head over to the rabbit house at noon.  I also hope that I remember to take my camera.  My neighbor doesn’t believe me that giant Angora rabbits exist.

Not Impressed

Not Impressed

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  1. Christine Says:

    I would love to have another girls time out again soon. Nothing like a good old hen party.

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