Gloves are Finished


I used a six needle instead of a seven and I still had to reduce the number of stitches.  I’m not very happy with them, but they are warm and I’ll make use of them.  I liked the charts.  Some of the symbols were strange and the descriptions were bizarre.  The increases were poor and would have left holes in my work if I hadn’t done them my way. 

It wasn’t as hot today and there was a breeze.  The air conditioning repairman won’t be here until tomorrow.  By then, it won’t matter.  Olive was really hoping for some cool breezes, but they were outside and she was inside.p1020321



I started this post yesterday, but the Internet kept going and coming and doing it’s best to drive me crazy.

I started a little scarf to match the Bella Mittens I gave Jenn.  I had most of a ball left over.  I have several skinny little matching scarves.  These are much easier to find when I’ve got a hole in my gloves, mitten or hat then rooting through a box of leftover yarn.  It also keeps me from putting it into another project and later regretting it.  I’m hard on gloves. p1010797

I used 10 1/2 needle and cast on 18 stitches.  The first and last three stitches are garter stitch with the single big cable going up the middle.  It should be about three feet when I’m finished.

The MD Sheep and Wool Festival is this weekend.  It looks like it may rain on Saturday, but that won’t keep the people away.  I’ll be there both days.  I always have a good time even though I don”t buy much anymore.  I will be stopping at Signature Needle Art .  I’m so glad they are coming.  I love their needles.  Do you want me to pick up anything for you?  Drop me a line and I will see what I can do.  I am a senile old woman so your chances are 50/50.

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