I Washed My Socks

There will be no restaurant critique this week.   We didn’t go out last night and our neighbor was too tired to on Thursday.   We will probably only go out every other week during the warmer months.

It was unusually hot today so I decided it was time for the annual washing of my socks.  A couple didn’t get washed.  I need to repair them which I hate to do so it’ll be a while.  Maybe they’ll get washed next year.  I’m not rushing into these repairs.  I deliberately hung them on the clothesline.  It seemed the perfect opportunity for a photo op.


Olive was pretty hot today.  She wanted to go out, but it was too hot for her.  She spent the day sleeping in her bowl on the dining table under the ceiling fan.  She’s still a baby.042109-001

Once the sun went down, she went out.  She’s been running in and out.  We probably won’t be able to get her in until midnight.

Thursday, I decided to go shopping in Rehoboth and Lewes.  I hadn’t been over that way for a while and I didn’t dare go over the weekend.  I rode down to the beach at Lewes.  It’s always so pretty there, but it was really windy making it hard for me to walk.  At least I remembered my camera this time. 042109-024

Lewes Cape May Ferry

Lewes Cape May Ferry

We should take the ferry over to Cape May for the day some time soon.  Well, maybe next Autumn.  
I stopped at Ginger Moon and bought this ball of yarn.  I hadn’t seen it before.  042109-025It should make a fun pair of socks.  I got some other stuff for a purse. 
I never got over to the new yarn shop at Rehoboth Beach.  I got some stuff at the Disney and did some looking,  but it was getting late.  I might go back next week if there’s a cold or rainy day.

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