Shipping Rates

I spent a couple of hours researching a product this afternoon.  I found one at a good price with “free shipping”.  I started the buying procedure.  They said shipping would be $10.95 to Delaware.  It was coming from Georgia.  I could understand it if I lived in Alaska.  I assume you have to live across the street from them to get free shipping!  So, you know where I’m buying it?  Walmart.  I’m using ‘the ship to store’ method.  It’s no big deal.  I go there every week anyway.  Ask me if I’m pissed.  All that work for nothing.

There won’t be any tea towel pictures today.  I used the wrong towel so I’m making another.  It’s a good thing I know more than one guy named John.  Actually, I’m making about five more.  I keep getting more ideas.

p1020278 Poor Zipper was out in the rain this afternoon.  It rained all morning and then the sun came out shortly after noon.  We decided to go shopping and Zip decided to go out.  Well, while we were out, it started raining again.  It was really pouring by the time we got home, but we have a garage and can go directly into the house from it.  Doug immediately opened the back door and in zipped Zip.  He was NOT happy!  He grabbed a towel and dried him off as best he could.  Zip’s pretty good about that. He is a very clean boy.  He also lets you comb him.  And, of course, he loves the attention!  He is such a big baby.

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2 Responses to “Shipping Rates”

  1. Christine Says:

    That rain will make his fur all nice and soft. 🙂

  2. Al Says:

    Zip’s a cool looking cat. Much cooler looking there in your picture than when soaking wet, I would guess!

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