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Shipping Rates

April 22, 2009

I spent a couple of hours researching a product this afternoon.  I found one at a good price with “free shipping”.  I started the buying procedure.  They said shipping would be $10.95 to Delaware.  It was coming from Georgia.  I could understand it if I lived in Alaska.  I assume you have to live across the street from them to get free shipping!  So, you know where I’m buying it?  Walmart.  I’m using ‘the ship to store’ method.  It’s no big deal.  I go there every week anyway.  Ask me if I’m pissed.  All that work for nothing.

There won’t be any tea towel pictures today.  I used the wrong towel so I’m making another.  It’s a good thing I know more than one guy named John.  Actually, I’m making about five more.  I keep getting more ideas.

p1020278 Poor Zipper was out in the rain this afternoon.  It rained all morning and then the sun came out shortly after noon.  We decided to go shopping and Zip decided to go out.  Well, while we were out, it started raining again.  It was really pouring by the time we got home, but we have a garage and can go directly into the house from it.  Doug immediately opened the back door and in zipped Zip.  He was NOT happy!  He grabbed a towel and dried him off as best he could.  Zip’s pretty good about that. He is a very clean boy.  He also lets you comb him.  And, of course, he loves the attention!  He is such a big baby.


November 5, 2008

Since it was raining, we went to the polls after breakfast.  They are in the local fire hall and the whole process was quick and easy.  I did get to laugh at Doug when he forgot to hit the finished key which made it even better.  Having done our civic duty, we went to Food Lion.  We were low on canned cat food and they have more varieties than Walmart.  I bought some other things that Walmart doesn’t carry and I got a nice piece of salmon.  When we got home, I made a little marinade for it.  Since it was still raining, we decided get some other chores done.  We dropped off a little package for Nancy at the post office and picked up a prescription at Happy Harry’s.  I used to go to Eckert, but they really went down hill since Rite Aid bought them.  Also, Happy Harry’s carries a lot of products that are not tested on animals.  It’s so nice to have a variety from which to choose.  OK.  Where was I?  We headed to the bread store.  They had oatnut bread so we got three loaves, two for us and one for Win.  It’s his favorite, too.  I spotted an apple pie on the dollar table and cranberry bread.  What more can use ask for?  I hope I haven’t bored the life out of you. 



Here are two reasons why blogging can be difficult.  Another is the fact that it is chilly here when it’s cold.

Another One

March 4, 2008
Doug got out the lawn chairs (two of them anyway) and we sat out on the deck this afternoon. We were joined by Elvis, Gus and Maude. Zip was busy. I was tired after our walk so I happily knit. It was so windy this morning that we decided to go through the woods to get away from it which was stupid. I’m not too good at clomping through underbrush yet. I was pooped when we got home. When we went to Walmart later in the afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice how much easier it is to walk around than it was last year. There are times when I REALLY don’t want to go for a walk, but I know it’s good for my hip and me all over.I had no idea that there were cities that do not allow clotheslines. It makes no sense. I know there are housing associations that don’t allow it. When our son was little, we were thinking about moving to a younger neighborhood. We found a house that we really liked. We were about a hand over a check to hold it when we found out that we could not put up a clothes or a fence. That took care of that. I had a fit with the realtor. She tried to talk around it, but that check never left our hands and we never moved either.I was happily knitting along last night, when I saw a missed stitch several rows down. I pulled out stitches to fix it. When I got down there, I realized I had pulled out the wrong one so I had to pull out two sets of stitches.

Looks awful, doesn’t it?

Here I took a needle and picked up every other row to help keep track of which row I was on.

Here I am crocheting the stitches up the rows.

You can’t even tell.

There’s No Place Like Home

February 10, 2008
We had a great walk this morning. I even wandered through the woods and hardly used my cane at all. I love my new hip. We were out for one and a half hours. After a little rest, we went to Walmart. I REALLY HATE to do Walmart on Saturday, but there were things that we needed. I was not about to waste time, gas and money going to three different places to get the same thing. I’m too cheap and I need money to spend on my vices like this:

Now, I won’t get to this for several weeks, but I bought it anyway. It would probably not be around when I was ready to make it. I have to make the baby quilt first. Well, I have to make as much as possible before the baby is born. I want to embroider it’s name and date of birth. It’s mainly blue. I think I was thinking of Colette’s grandson, but that’s OK. It’s really cute. I’m sure it will be well received. And just wait until you see what I am making for Colette!

I wish that I had taken my glove things with me to Reisterstown. You know that I didn’t plan to be there that long, but my son needed me around. I haven’t decided on patterns yet. I need to make some swatches. I should email Nancy before I decide, too.  I’ve been thinking about Christine and her husband, too.