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He Lived Through It

January 31, 2008
We managed to get Zippo’s medicine in him. He’s a big baby and loved to cuddle. I went and filled the dropper and Doug held him tighter. I came over, grabbed his nose and squirted down his throat. He ran off, but he was back to cuddle in a little while.

I finished one end of the wimple. See the little picots?

I took a smaller needle and ran it through the first row of stitches. You have to be careful not to catch the waste yarn.

Then I pulled the waste yarn out with no problems and untied it.

Now, I am ready to do the picot edge and it’ll be done.

Zippo has a Boo-Boo

January 30, 2008
Zippo went out early this morning to peruse his territory and he must have had a run in with a usurper. Doug was playing with him later when he noticed the blood. Cats can get infections too easily, so I got dressed and took him to the vet. We had to wait a while because the vet was going on vacation Friday and every animal in Seaford was there. He got a shot and antibiotics to take everyday. This is going to be fun. Fortunately, I have a great syringe for this sort of thing. I got a lot of knitting done while I was done so maybe I will get the wimple done in another day.

Poor baby!

I was asked what a snot vampire was. This is a long story. Many years ago, I was reading a collection of short stories. The editor(producer, publisher–I don’t remember) asked various science fiction writers for off the wall short stories. I believe it was Harlan Ellison who sent a story about a snot vampire. It was so gross that the editor would not publish it and asked for something else. I got the feeling that he knew Ellison sent it on purpose. Since then, I often say I need a snot vampire whenever I have a runny nose or sinus infection. When I mentioned it to my then boyfriend (current husband), he was suitably impressed that I read that sort of thing. So, yesterday, I went to see the doctor (snot vampire) and he gave me a prescription for my sinus infection (bit me on the face and sucked the snot right out of me). I hope your imagination is as good as mine.

The Door into Summer

January 29, 2008
Elvis thought he had found the door into summer today. It is 53 degrees. He walked around a little and came back in and curled up on the heat register. He was probably a grizzly bear in his last life or plans on being one in the next. He’s not sure anymore. Every morning he wakes up and starts purring. He is so happy to be alive.

Zippo knows he needs extra attention.


Hey! You! Get over here and get this fire started!

Thanks to Sandy for giving me these thoughts.

Provisional Cast On

January 28, 2008

A provisional cast-on is used when you want to back and pick up and knit from the beginning of your work. In this case, when I finish my wimple, I am going to pick my first row and knit a picot edge. It can also be used to attach cuffs on side to side sweaters or decorative cuffs on gloves or socks. It is used in attaching lace.

You need a smooth waste yarn that can be easily removed, thinner than the yarn your using.See the turquoise yarn? It’s the sock yarn that I used to make gloves a while back. I should have taken pictures when I started. I knot my waste and working yarn together using whatever will be easy to unknot. It shouldn’t be tight. Hold your needle and knot end of your yarns in your right hand like you were going to knit. Hold loosely. Some people hold two needles together. I can’t do this. I hold the knot down with my pinkie and ring finger against my palm. You do know that I am picturing this in my mind, don’t you? Now, with the thumb and index finger of your left hand, you need to separate the two yarns. I keep my working yarn on my index finger, but what ever works for you. With you needle, go under the waste yarn and pick up a loop from the working yarn. Next, go over the waste yarn and pickup. Keep going back and forth like this until you have the number of stitches that you need. I put another loose knot at the end and cut the waste yarn. Clear as mud? Good. Here’s what I have done so far.

I’m going to go along like this until I like the length.

I’m going to see the snot vampire tomorrow morning. I think I have an infection that only he can take care of.

You Make My Day Awards

January 27, 2008

These awards are not in order of importance. It would cause me to think and I have decided not to do that today.

  1. Linda and Paul—Neighbors and now friends.
  2. Nancy—She renewed our friendship after about 50 years. We still have a lot in common.
  3. Jenn—Daughter extraordinaire. What more can I say?
  4. Winston—Son I never thought I would have again.
  5. Doug—Husband that I haven’t beaten to death yet.
  6. Bill and Maddie—My brother and sister-in-law. They still love me even when the “Mother” in me shows. They know what I mean.
  7. Colette and Suzette—Always very nice ladies. I think they got stuck together the first day they started working.
  8. Diana and Carol—They asked me to lunch several years ago. Now there are seven of us.
  9. Christine—My newest friend. I like the way she thinks.
  10. Kevin—Grandson. I figure I won’t get another until I’m eighty so I am going to enjoy the hell out of this one.

I could add the couple on the point. They are so clueless. They’re a constant source of entertainment for Linda and me. Doug said that if he can’t decide what to do, he can ask Mike and then do the opposite. He hasn’t made a good decision since he moved here. How did I get on this tract? Happy Thoughts. Happy Thoughts.

I watched one of my Lucy Neatby DVDs this afternoon. It had been a while since I did a provisional cast on and I wanted a refresher. I watched it the whole two hours. It was so good that I wanted to watch all of them right then. But sanity returned. I do plan to buy most of them in time. I have started on a wimple. When it gets a little further along, I’ll post a picture.

Look at this hole. I really like these socks. So—-do I take them apart back to the heel or patch it? I think this is going to be left for summer.

Too Busy

January 27, 2008
Or too unorganized. I’m not sure which. I had to clean the bathroom. I had to finish my daughter’s sweatshirt. I had to go for a walk. I had to put Christmas decorations away. I had to do some reading. I had to get cleaned up. I had to go out to dinner with the neighbors. I had to play Dominoes. And now, I have to go to bed.


Not Yet!

January 26, 2008
I made a little scarf out of the a little bit of yarn that was left. I wanted to fringe it, but I didn’t have enough. It’s long enough to tie around my neck.

I spent hours trying to decide on what to put on my daughter’s sweatshirt. It’s a nice soft fleece with a V neck in a dark pink. It was suppertime when I finished one of the designs so the other will have to wait until tomorrow. I had promised Doug that I would make hamburgers with mushroom and onion gravy. He really likes it. I’m not a gravy person. I always make mashed potatoes and peas with it. He tried to make rice one time, but I still made mashed potatoes. I’m not saying I don’t like rice. I really do like rice, just not with this dish. Some things you just do not change.

I stayed in all day today. The road looked clear, not not our driveway. When Doug came back, he said the snow was icy. There was several car slides on the little bridge last night and this morning, but no crunches. The telephone poles along there get replaced about once a year.

See the little bridge on the right? There is a sharp curve before and after. This picture was taken earlier in the week.

I have been thinking about making a Whipple to go with the purple and pink hat and gloves. I think I saw one in Knitty, but I can always wing it. And that will be it for accessories for a while. They are starting to make me crazy. Next up. Baby gifts!

No awards yet. But I have been thinking about it. In the meantime, here’s a cat picture.



Snow Day

January 25, 2008

It started snowing when we were out walking this morning. I turned back, but Doug kept going. By the time he got back, everything was white. I’m a big chicken when it comes to snow. I’ve fallen too many times.

Maude, on the other hand, believes in falling.

Big, brave Zippo shows off.

They were in before too long.

Cat toast.

Cat help.

I finished my hat last night and wore it today. It now covers my ears nicely.


And I finished the table runner this afternoon.

Thanks, christine, for the help on the award. Maybe, I’ll get to them tomorrow.

You Make My Day

January 24, 2008
Look what Christine sent me! It was totally unexpected. Thanks so much. See what she wrote about me! 
“Fluffy- Knitter extraordinaries! She says that she is up the creek without a paddle but I say she has both paddles in the water plus we both like Pavarotti. I would love to spend an afternoon with you. We could knit and listen to music and talk about books and old movies. Plus I love her cats…they crack me up!”
I have been such a cranky person today. It really lifted my spirits. Both hips have been bothering me today. I know exactly where all the new parts are in my right hip today. They seem——-cold? It’s hard to explain. My left hip has been having sympathy pains. So, I’m a bit grumpy. Even though I wanted to smack her, I managed to smile at the clerk at Walmart today. She has no idea how lucky she is. Then we went to the bread store and there were no bagels. I had just bought cream cheese people! So I bought English muffins. It’s just not the same. And they didn’t have Oatnut bread AGAIN! I wanted to go home and stick my head in the toilet. So. How was your day?

Zippo suggested a little sewing. He was right of course. Now, I just have put on the binding.

Maude enjoyed hiding in the cover.

Sorry about this one. I was on the phone.

I will send out my awards tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll be in a better mood.


January 22, 2008
I was not happy yesterday. I could not understand why. Then, I read that shrinks call the third Monday in January the unhappiest day of the year. This actually made me feel better. My feelings were justified. I went with the flow and got through the day. I worked on my hat in the evening and read until 1AM.

Today, I got two packages! Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Sock yarn for new gloves.

I have been thinking about this set of needles for quite a while. They go from zero to three(0, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3) and there are six needles of each size. And they are in pretty colors. I really like Kristin Knits. It has very good instructions with good illustrations and charts. Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat hair looked like fun.

Walking was much more tolerable today. We went to the horse, but there was only one horse out. We didn’t recognize him and he was in harness for trotting. So Gus was the only one that got a horse treat today. There was a lot of ice on the creek this morning, but it didn’t.t bother the ducks, geese or heron. Usually, I don’t like low tide. The creek looks like a mud hole, but it was pretty today.

Got to go. Doug’s making a fire.