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Blogging When Grumpy—-Not A Good Idea

August 6, 2011

Is it the arthritis?  Is it the weather?  Is it the cataract?  Is it natural?  Well.  Yes.  Actually, it’s good to rant and rave.  It feels good to put it all into words.  It feels real good.  Just don’t publish it.  You’ll regret it later.  Enough!

I’ve been making hats.  I have several single skeins of lovely yarn.  I have had about six thousand hits on Victoria’s Cloche so it made sense to use that pattern. 


I loosely followed the slouchy tam on the other two.  I saw a hat with a cabled brim so I tried it.  I’m not certain that I like it.  It’s too hard to see for the work involved.  There’s a couple more to go, then I’m back to socks.  I’m three pair behind schedule.

I also want to thank Sweetums for being —- sweet through all my grumpiness.

What Day Is It?

October 2, 2008

Doug said we have to go to the supermarket tomorrow.  Wait a minute.  Didn’t we just go yesterday?  It feels like it.  No.  That was eight days ago.  How did that happen?   Sometimes I feel like I am living in two worlds.  People shouldn’t have two houses.  It’s too confusing.  I’ll be glad when my son is out on his own and the house is sold.  My underpants there are starting to dry rot.

Here’s the fabric I bought to make new nightgowns.

Gloves or socks?

My son’s girlfriend.

Going Out Tonight

September 24, 2008

So I thought that I would blog now.  I have a bunch of other boring crap that must be done, too.  We washed and hung everything out since it was so windy.  It all smells so good.  Darn.  I just remembered I didn’t wash any nighties.  Well, at least the sheets will be nice.

I have been trying to get my supplies for Stitches.  I bought yarn for the purse and some reading material.

Zippo helped with product placement.

Too Nice to Be In

April 18, 2008

I got sweaty sitting outside on deck around noon. It was wonderful. I am only inside now because I had to prepare the strawberries and make a little dinette cake to go with them. I had some strawberry extract and added a little red food dye to get the full effect.

My table runner isn’t finished yet.

Maude wouldn’t let me.

I got most of the cutting done for clue 2 of the quilt.

I am two-thirds through the first sleeve on my sweater which is pretty good considering how little time I have put into it. I like this pattern better, but I am not thrilled with the yarn and I doubt that I will buy it again. Maybe it will feel better after a good washing.

Knitting Day

March 3, 2008
I woke up early this morning and I thought I might actually get something done. I was reading and knitting when I realized that knitting group was this afternoon. I was such a grunge that I had to shower and wash my hair. So, I didn’t go for a walk. I stopped on the way to look at some kitties, but didn’t see anything. I did get the names of two more places. One was a cat sanctuary not far from where I live. I will have to call first. I hope they are not too weird. Some places are so much of a pain in the ass that it’s not worth it. So, I had a nice time at knitting, but I may have to do a little unknitting later. I have helping two different people and I seem to have zigged when I should have zagged. I can’t show you. It’s a surprise.

I bought this yarn at MD Sheep & Wool last May and I have no idea what I was planning to do with it. I believe at the time I had something in mind, but now I am clueless.

And The Winner Is

February 4, 2008
Here is Stacy who happens to own The Fine Needle in Snow Hill, MD, picking the winner. I’ll have to go there sometime. Check out her shoes. They are lime and her socks are pink and purple–my kind of colors.

Nancy!! She wins a pair of hand knit gloves in a yarn of her choice.

I was surprised that it wasn’t Christine. She had the most entries. So I decided that she should get the booby prize. A pair of hand knit mittens in a yarn of her choice. I’ll even throw in an index finger. Please specify right or left.

Here are your choices.

The four in the upper right hand corner is enough for one pair of mittens. I need your size. You could measure everything, scan your hand or draw around your hand. If you want these for a loved one, that’s fine, too.


January 22, 2008
I was not happy yesterday. I could not understand why. Then, I read that shrinks call the third Monday in January the unhappiest day of the year. This actually made me feel better. My feelings were justified. I went with the flow and got through the day. I worked on my hat in the evening and read until 1AM.

Today, I got two packages! Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Sock yarn for new gloves.

I have been thinking about this set of needles for quite a while. They go from zero to three(0, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3) and there are six needles of each size. And they are in pretty colors. I really like Kristin Knits. It has very good instructions with good illustrations and charts. Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat hair looked like fun.

Walking was much more tolerable today. We went to the horse, but there was only one horse out. We didn’t recognize him and he was in harness for trotting. So Gus was the only one that got a horse treat today. There was a lot of ice on the creek this morning, but it didn’t.t bother the ducks, geese or heron. Usually, I don’t like low tide. The creek looks like a mud hole, but it was pretty today.

Got to go. Doug’s making a fire.

Stitches East

November 1, 2007

I drove back to my old house for a few days to visit friends and relatives and go to the market at Stitches.  My son is staying there to finish college.  I took the subway downtown on Saturday morning and met some friends at noon.  I had a great time wandering around and looking at everything.   I looked at an awful lot of books, but none of them said “Buy Me”.  I have so many anyway.  Next on my list were needles.  I love to make gloves and I can go through zeroes and ones.  I either lose them, they get eaten by the dog or cat, or I break them.  I also wanted double and triple zeroes to make Scottish Sanguhar gloves.  I found all the needles I needed so I started looking at yarn.  My first purchase had to be something soft that matched the gloves I made another friend.  Out of that whole market, I only found one small skein in like colors.  The colors were turquoise, pink and purple.  I expected to see more.  I just what to say thank you to Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Farm.   I’ll post a picture when I finish the scarf.   here are the gloves. 6-06-flood-knit-102807-019.jpg  It is Lorna’s Laces that I have had for a few years so I guess the colorway is no longer “in”.  But, it’s my girlfriend’s favorite colors and that’s what really matters.  I only bought two other skeins of yarn: 100% silk sock yarn from HPKYsales and 100% merino wool from Seacoast Handpainted Yarns.  The latter was a happy colorway that I could not resist.  As a matter of fact, it was called “Joyful”.  

I saw so many beautiful things.  I got some great ideas.  I actually took notes.  I saw several kits that I wanted to buy, but I already have a roomful.  It’s my own little store.  I have two things in mind that I definitely will be making and I know that I can find just what I want in my little yarn room.