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I’m So Lucky

February 6, 2012

I was sitting on a bench over the river this morning and I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was.  We have a nice home on the water in a pleasant neighborhood.  We can afford to make improvements to make our home even more perfect for us.  All those years of working hard paid off.  When I was young and struggling, I never thought that I would have anything like this.  I learned early that the only way to change anything was to do it yourself.  Something my lousy education certainly lacked.  I am as happy as I possibly can be.  

Wait a minute.  Did I just say that?  I’d better be careful.  I’ll ruin my reputation.  I mean, if I were one of the seven dwarfs, I’d be Grumpy, so these feelings are kind of strange for me. 

Our kitchen is coming along.  We still have some decisions to make.    The little round table is nice for two, but a small island would help.  Sweetums was considering an attached rectangular table.  Interesting.  After the island, we need to consider countertops.  Oh.  And a hood.

Blogging When Grumpy—-Not A Good Idea

August 6, 2011

Is it the arthritis?  Is it the weather?  Is it the cataract?  Is it natural?  Well.  Yes.  Actually, it’s good to rant and rave.  It feels good to put it all into words.  It feels real good.  Just don’t publish it.  You’ll regret it later.  Enough!

I’ve been making hats.  I have several single skeins of lovely yarn.  I have had about six thousand hits on Victoria’s Cloche so it made sense to use that pattern. 


I loosely followed the slouchy tam on the other two.  I saw a hat with a cabled brim so I tried it.  I’m not certain that I like it.  It’s too hard to see for the work involved.  There’s a couple more to go, then I’m back to socks.  I’m three pair behind schedule.

I also want to thank Sweetums for being —- sweet through all my grumpiness.