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Forgot to Mention

June 30, 2011

I finished the leaf shawl.  This is the fourth time that I have used this pattern.  I think I’ve gotten my money’s worth.  The yarn was easy to work.  I’d buy it again.  It’s a lace weight Noro called Sekko. 

Now, I need to get back to entrelac socks.  I know I can do it, but I don’t want to write the pattern.

The Joys of Quiltting! It’s Like Being Handed a Big Box of Crayons and Told to Color Whatever You Wanted

June 28, 2011

I started off being neat.

That didn’t last long.  I got out lime, purple, orange and turquoise thread and had a blast!

Did I ever mention that our main bathroom had red shag carpeting?   Oh.  And red white and blue wallpaper.  I will admit that I am patriotic.  It’s hard not to be when you work for veterans for thirty-five years.  Anyway.  It had to go.  It just wasn’t right in the bathroom.  We have been looking at flooring forever.  Then we got Frank for a whole week.  Yea!! 


Should we get new lights?


Rizing Early

June 22, 2011

In Summer, I like to get up early.  It has its advantages.



I Tried

June 18, 2011

This is as far as I got.

Then I pulled it out.  I like the way the squares look.  The back looks like crap.  I tried twice.  It had been a while since I had made any toe-up socks.  Of course, now I remember why.  They never fit my toes the way that I like.  Anyway, the pattern was lacking and I was tired of having to read into it.  I’m definitely going to make entrelac socks with this yarn, but they will be from the cuff down.  I’ll probably plain knit the foot since I have a lot of clogs.

Here’s my last pair.  No.  That sounds like I am never going to make socks again.  I have discovered the joy of custom hand-knit socks and there is no looking back. Notice anything?  No?  The kit came with two patterns.  I liked them both, so I made one of each.

I Washed my Socks

June 12, 2011

All twenty-nine pairs.  Olive was not impressed.

 I also felted my vest and it fits again.  It’s a Lucy Neatbby pattern.  I used a heavier yarn than was called.  It order to judge the size, I swatched a triangle or two and made it two sizes smaller.  I am so glad that I made it with wool so I could shrink it.  I never thought I would lose weight.  Retiring and living better certainly helped.

I finished my Social Network socks and started another pair, but I have yet to take a picture.  They’re all ready 3/4 along. 

The yarn is Socks That Rock medium weight(dk).  They were a lot of fun to make and knit up quickly.  I won’t be wearing them until Winter as they are quite heavy.  The next pair is fun too.  Wait ’til you see them!

Since it has been so hot, I’ve been working indoors on my little quilt.  I thought the top was finished until I laid it on my dining room table.  It dawned on me that if I added one more row of blocks, it would look good on the table.  Since it is Cora’s favorite napping place, I like to keep it covered.  I managed to find enough scraps to make them, but now I think I’ll have to patch the back.  Oh well.


Decisions, Decisions

June 8, 2011

My friend, Melissa, sent me a link for entrelac socks the other day.  She wanted to know if i would help her if needed.  I took one look at the pattern and I knew that I had to make them.  We are going to start a knit along in about ten days.  I need to finish the pair I’m currently working on.  I honestly thought I would get all caught up on my club socks.  HA!  Trying to decide on the yarn has not been easy.  Originally, I thought it would be simple.  I’ve got four skeins of Sockotta.  Summer is coming.  No. It’s here.  It’s 93 out front.  Anyway, I started pulling out yarn.

I believe  all of these would look good.  See what I mean?  I’m making myself crazy again.  Here’s the link:  You may join us if you like.