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The Joys of Quiltting! It’s Like Being Handed a Big Box of Crayons and Told to Color Whatever You Wanted

June 28, 2011

I started off being neat.

That didn’t last long.  I got out lime, purple, orange and turquoise thread and had a blast!

Did I ever mention that our main bathroom had red shag carpeting?   Oh.  And red white and blue wallpaper.  I will admit that I am patriotic.  It’s hard not to be when you work for veterans for thirty-five years.  Anyway.  It had to go.  It just wasn’t right in the bathroom.  We have been looking at flooring forever.  Then we got Frank for a whole week.  Yea!! 


Should we get new lights?



March 19, 2008
I managed to get the hearts sewn on to the runner this afternoon without any help form the peanut gallery.

Here they are all sewn and ready for embroidery.

Instead of making a separate label, I put this directly on the backing.

I found this cute heart and some little flowers. Maybe I’ll add another cat or two.

Christine has received her mittens. She says they fit perfectly which is always a relief. Now, she has offered to make me a woodcarving! She asked me what I wanted. There is always cats, but I like elephants, too. And giraffes. I like to watch the big birds as they float on the wind. But not geese. They are a pain. Although the babies are cute. All yellow and fuzzy. Pigs are kind of cute, too. But, I wouldn’t want any of them in my house, so I think I will stick with cats.

Hair Color

March 13, 2008
Since my crazy ex-girlfriend disowned me, I have not been able to get hair color that I can use, so I have decided to stop for now. It will interesting to see how grey I have become. My husband has been thoroughly white for years(and it’s really thin, too) so I still won’t look like an old lady. I have been able to find just about everything but hair color here that has not been animal tested so I guess I can live with grey hair.

I started on a sweater for me last night. I started on a sleeve. That way I don’t have so much to tear out if I don’t like it. I like it so far. Doug wants me to do one with stars.

Pretty, huh?

I did some quilting today. It is so different from dressmaking. You have to be so precise and I like to just wing it. I need to sew, but I don’t need any more clothes. I never would have thought that I would ever say such a thing. I am hoping that I will get this quilting thing down.

Ready to sew together.

It’s kind of lumpy.

The borders are on. Now I have to cut out and applique the hearts. That’s my favorite part. I like to embellish. I also want to embroider a label. I think I have a cat one somewhere. I may also embroider some more hearts and flowers. And, to think, I actually managed to take all these pictures without any cats.


March 10, 2008
I started the working on the taxes this afternoon. Doug started putting stuff in and got frustrated. This happens every year. So he ran around getting all the information together(even though we have a place where everything is supposed to be) and I input all the rest of the crap. I’ll finish tomorrow. The worse is over.

When we came in from our walk this morning, I decided it was time to change this:

to this:

. I wish I had one for St. Patrick’s Day, but I do have a green Easter egg.

I started my St. Valentine’s Day table runner. I like the colors, but I had an awful time cutting the 6 1/2 inch squares. They kept changing to 5 1/2 and 6 inch squares. It was making me crazy. That would be a good list. “Things That Make Me Crazy”.