I managed to get the hearts sewn on to the runner this afternoon without any help form the peanut gallery.

Here they are all sewn and ready for embroidery.

Instead of making a separate label, I put this directly on the backing.

I found this cute heart and some little flowers. Maybe I’ll add another cat or two.

Christine has received her mittens. She says they fit perfectly which is always a relief. Now, she has offered to make me a woodcarving! She asked me what I wanted. There is always cats, but I like elephants, too. And giraffes. I like to watch the big birds as they float on the wind. But not geese. They are a pain. Although the babies are cute. All yellow and fuzzy. Pigs are kind of cute, too. But, I wouldn’t want any of them in my house, so I think I will stick with cats.

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  1. Christine Says:

    Your runner is very nice. I love the embroidery. I like giraffes and elephants too. My bedroom is full of them. 🙂 I have run out of room for anymore. I have a giant 6 foot tall giraffe. The kids got it for me a couple of years ago for Christmas.

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