No Sewing

I had hoped to get the heart sewn on to the table runner this afternoon. The hearts were ironed down and the sewing machine was threaded with just the right color. But I had to do a few other things first. When I got back this is what I encountered.

So I guess I’ll go cut the binding if Zip is done with it.

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One Response to “No Sewing”

  1. Christine Says:

    Zippo! You have a real thing for sewing! LOL Fluffy: I got the parcel in the mail yesterday afternoon. The mittens fit perfectly. Thank you for the other project. It is funny…I went to our church the other day to spend a morning with a group of ladies to learn how to bake bread and knit. I ended up teaching the knitting because the gal who was going to teach the knitting was held up and not present. When she got there I kept teaching.
    The only thing she has ever made are dish cloths. One of the gals there wants to learn how to knit socks and mittens. We are going to form a knitting group. Mittens…I can help her with. I have never knitted socks. Now I am going to learn. Hehehe! I might not get around to them right away because I want to quick finish the sweater. After that I want to get back to some of my woodcarving. I have something that I want to carve for you. Hehehe! In appreciation for the mittens. I figured it should be something hand crafted. I will put a surprise in it too.

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