Lucky Son

Friday morning, Win and I went out to breakfast and then headed out to the animal shelter. Unfortunately, they only had four cats/kittens available. They were having problems with upper respiratory infections and none of the others could go until April. We could look at them through the glass. Win saw one he liked so we said that we would be back. Then we went over to the county pound. Win fell in love with this little girl.

You should have seen the look on his face when he saw her. She purrs and talks and likes to be petted. Here is a better picture of her. Just don’t look at the rest of the room. We are in the process of clearing it out.

She looks a lot like Elvis’s Mom, Hooter. We got her from the same pound when Win was three years old. She died just a few years ago. Maybe that’s why he latched on to her so quickly. He is calling her Biscuit. He said, “It just came to me. I like biscuits”. He really does. Last time I came, I brought some leftover chicken pot pie with four extra biscuits. They were gone as soon as he found them. I’m so glad he is happy with her. I wish that I had found something. I stopped at PetSmart after knitting group, but I didn’t see anything.


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2 Responses to “Lucky Son”

  1. Christine Says:

    That cat looks a lot like Libby bean. Libby is my daughters cat who lived with me for a few years and i am very attached too. My husband calls Libby the spawn of the devil. LOL! Really…she just has attitude. I have pictures of my grandcats in my archives.

  2. nancy Says:

    Biscuit is a real cutie!

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