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March. Where Did It Go?

March 31, 2014

Who really cares.  It contained entirely too much snow.  Sweetums was not happy.  I was ready to shoot him and put him out of my misery.  I haven’t seen my children since Christmas.  Every time I make plans, there’s snow.  I do not like snow.  It is very difficult for me to get around.  My son lives in a row house on a narrow side street.  There isn’t any room for piling snow.  I  really need to see him.  He has a mortgage  now and panics just like his Father.  He wants my help with his taxes.  I just hope he finds a calm wife before I turn senile.  He’s going to need someone.  For now, barring any snow, I’m going on Wednesday.  The only time that I can remember snow in April was my fifth birthday party.  And I am older than dirt, don’t you know.

003  Nesting goose

Girls Day Out

November 10, 2009

I went up to Reisterstown this morning.  It was time for our semi-annual get together.  There were five of us this time.  I was looking for Agnes, but she never showed up.  The Powers That Be have changed the road and put in a couple of those stupid round about things.  I understand the by-pass, but the other is down right ridiculous.  Two of the “girls” got completely turned and we were beginning to think they weren’t coming.  All in all we had a great time and I didn’t get back to the house until 430.  My son came home from work about 5 and we went out to eat.  Afterwards, we went shopping for clothes for work.  A Mom’s got to do what a Mom’s got to do.  I bought him a blender.  I don’t have much use for mine, but it’s not a separate unit.  Now I am going to try to do some knitting before bed.

I Was Away

August 17, 2009

It was only there for three days and I had my laptop.  So.  Why didn’t I blog?  Hmm.  Well.  I don’t know.  Well.  No.  That’s not it.  I could have blogged.  Really.  I turned my laptop on.  I went to my blog and stared at it blankly a few times.  And then, I turned it off.  I just didn’t feel like it. 

Monday, I went to Reisetrstown to see how the house looked and see my son.  Sometimes, children ( even adult children) need to hear, “that’s all right.  I still love you”.  We had some cooking  lessons, what to throw out lessons and what to chop down lessons, like the iron bench is completed covered by forsthysia bushes.

081309 002The house really looks good.  I want to thank my daughter for finding good people to do the job.  The pompom tree on the side yard is very overgrown, but it completely hides the idiot’s porch next door.  I’m afraid I’m going to have to call the county on him again.  The hydrangea on that side don’t look very good.  They aren’t getting much sun.  I think I’ll have them moved to the front this fall.  It’s looking a little bare since I had the big holly tree removed.

081309 004 I was standing on the front porch when I saw a small pile of tiny black pellets by one of the shutters.  I slowly pulled it back and there was the bat.  I slowly closed it and got my camera.  See?  He’s smiling just for me.  I think we’ve always had bats in our attic.  For a few weeks in the fall and spring, they’d be coming in as I was leaving for work.  I liked to watch them trying to get into the tiny slot.  I missed the train more than once.  Bats are so cool!  Whenever we go to the DC zoo, I always go to the bat house.

Is that enough for today?  I hope so.

It’s Over

November 28, 2008

Well, almost.  We were too full for pie.  I think my son is getting a cold.  He went to bed after dinner.  We can always have pie for breakfast.


Zip wanted everyone to see his new fur coat.  No animals were killed in making this coat.  Well, maybe a few lizards and snakes and those tasty little voles.

It Was Doug’s Birthday

October 17, 2008

Maybe that’s why it was so hot.  I think it got up to 85 today.  I’m not used to sweating in October.  It is supposed to be 20 degrees cooler tomorrow.  Everybody is going to be so sick.

My son was off from work today so he came for a visit and brought two gallons of Weber’s cider.  I finally thought of a good birthday present this evening.  Doug is so hard to buy for.  When I find what I want, I’ll post a picture. 

Thawing frozen bananas is gross.  Peeling them and mashing them is even worse.  If anyone ever saw me making this cake, they would never eat it.  I don’t tell what’s in it.  They wouldn’t believe me.  They just say that it is the best chocolate cake they have ever eaten.

The mail person brought me a package today.  Now I have to figure out how much I still need.

I think I want another green.

Good night.


July 17, 2008

My son is here for a few days.  He passed his last class.  He was very happy.  And so were we.  I am still amazed that he stuck it out and can now graduate.  We talked about many things this evening.  I made crabcakes.  On my way home from the ophthalmologist this morning, I stopped at a stand and got corn on the cob.  Yesterday, I made raisin walnut spice cake and Doug bought chocolate ice cream.  We had a nice little party.  I’ll probably be sick tomorrow, but it was worth it.


ducklingsI took this early this morning. It reminds me of one of those carnival games.sleepy Gus

Notice his nose in Doug’s shoe.  That is so gross.

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I Didn’t Go

June 30, 2008

My son called me around 10AM.  He asked if I had left yet because I didn’t have to come.  He said he was having a panic attack last night (as if I didn’t know).  He had since settled down and talked to someone.  He is getting some help this evening and tomorrow before class.  He really did sound much better this morning so I stayed here.  This has happened before and it will probably happen again.  At least he recognizes that he is this way and can straighten himself out.  We talked about getting together in a couple weeks.  I promised to bake him something good and bring leftovers.  Doug always complains that there are no leftovers when I go, but he says it good naturedly.

I couldn’t decide what inner border to use, so I put two on.  Tomorrow I hope to start making the crush  I couldn’t resist that orange, yellow,red and purple stripes.   Doug isn’t stepping on Gus.  He’s rubbing his belly.

I hate Blue Jays.  If they are not dive bombing Zip, they are dropping their kids on our deck.  We have to get every cat in and wait.  In the meantime, the little twerp poops all over my deck.  Maybe the rain tonight will wash it off.jay jr  Darn.  We forgot about the chairs.  Oh, well.

I also got a little work done on the blue socks 




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Teacher from Hell

June 28, 2008

I was really hoping to get a lot of work done on my quilt in the next few days, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  My son called a little while ago, very upset.  He is taking a writing class that he absolutely has to pass in order to graduate.  The teacher has been intolerable and half the class has left.  He has an oral on Monday and a final report on Wednesday.  He is not  worried about the oral.  He always does well with them.  I don’t know what I can do, but I’ll do what I can.  He wants to graduate so badly!  He’s trying hard, but the teacher seems to take pride in tearing everything apart.

The weather is suposed to be better tomorrow and the following few days so I won’t be running from air condiioned room to air conditioned room.  Maybe I’ll take my machine with me and work on my quilt.  I have a million split patches to make which also means a wad of fabric and cutting board and cutter.  michael We’ll see.



Bye, Guys. 

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June 16, 2008

  my menIt’s Father’s Day.  I am thinking about my Daddy.  I loved him so much.  He died far sooner than he should have.  There are so many things that I never got to say.  I wish that he had been around to know Doug.  And my  son, Winston.  He would have loved being able to look him in the eye and talk to him about the pitfalls of being so tall. 

This isn’t what I had planned to talk about, but my son just called his Dad to wish him a Happy Father’s Day.


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June 9, 2008

My son and I were over in Cockeysville and a sign said 104 degrees.  I should go home.  At least the whole house is air conditioned, not just some rooms.  When we lived here, we tried a couple of times to get central air.  It took several calls just to get someone to come and then they never called back.  This happened twice.

I said that I would fix his pants for him, but I am going to take the machine to another room.  I wish he had

called about that before I left.  I would have brought my Sapphire, but I am stuck with my old piece of s**t Brother.

If this post looks odd, please remember , I am not at my usual computer.

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