I Didn’t Go

My son called me around 10AM.  He asked if I had left yet because I didn’t have to come.  He said he was having a panic attack last night (as if I didn’t know).  He had since settled down and talked to someone.  He is getting some help this evening and tomorrow before class.  He really did sound much better this morning so I stayed here.  This has happened before and it will probably happen again.  At least he recognizes that he is this way and can straighten himself out.  We talked about getting together in a couple weeks.  I promised to bake him something good and bring leftovers.  Doug always complains that there are no leftovers when I go, but he says it good naturedly.

I couldn’t decide what inner border to use, so I put two on.  Tomorrow I hope to start making the patches.orange crush  I couldn’t resist that orange, yellow,red and purple stripes.   Doug isn’t stepping on Gus.  He’s rubbing his belly.

I hate Blue Jays.  If they are not dive bombing Zip, they are dropping their kids on our deck.  We have to get every cat in and wait.  In the meantime, the little twerp poops all over my deck.  Maybe the rain tonight will wash it off.jay jr  Darn.  We forgot about the chairs.  Oh, well.

I also got a little work done on the blue socks.blue socks 




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  1. Christine Says:

    Me thinks that you really don’t hate Blue Jays as much as you say! Ha! Otherwise you would leave the cats out! Hahaha! The baby bird is a cute little fellow.

    I love your orange crush quilt. Sorry you are feeling sick today. Hope you feel better soon.

    I think your heat wave has got to our house. It is cooking hot here and it is hard to sleep. We have no air conditioning just lots of fans.

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