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My New Socks

March 30, 2010

Are these Clown Socks, or what?

Now, I have to decide which ones to make next.

I’m Trying to Blog Here

March 28, 2010

Sometimes I think that my life is so boring that I wonder why I even bother.  I probably should have started when I was still working.  Then I would have had plenty to bitch about.  But I moved away first.  And, really, I am so glad I did.  It is so enjoyable here.  Now, when I drive back, I start to tense up as soon as I come down off the bridge.  I feel like everyone wants to shit on me.  Not my family, of course.  And on the way back home, I get such a wonderful feeling of happiness and calm when I get to the bridge.

This the view from my family room.


March 25, 2010

Well. Almost.  I have five buttons to sew on and some steaming.  But I knew that if I didn’t post now, it would be a few more days beforeI would get around to it.  I am so very glad to be finished.  I think I’m going to make about five pairs of socks and then a sweater out of  ONE color.

Outback Salisbury

March 23, 2010

After knitting group, two of my  girlfriends and I went to Outback for dinner.  Usually three or four of us go out.  I suggested Outback since I’m a veteran and I could get a free blooming onion.  The thing was enormous and there was still two-thirds left by the time we were through.  The sauce that came with it was too hot, but the onion wasn’t bad.  I got pork tenderloin and I was pleasantly surprised.  It was really good.  We stayed for about three hours.  Not that many people go out to eat on Sunday around here so we weren’t taking up needed space.  I’ve been teaching them how to make gloves.  Currently, they have finished the thumb gusset and are ready to knit the hand.  Then come the fingers. 

And look at what I found out on the road.

Weaving in the Ends

March 21, 2010

It’s what I’ve been doing for the last few says.  This sweater has about 500 million ends that I would like to just knot off and cut, but I won’t.   I like my work to look tidy.  That means weaving in the ends. 

I’ve sewed the skeet, but haven’t cut yet.  I’ll do that last.  I’ve really gotten a lot done the last few days, sitting out on the deck enjoying the wonderful weather.  The girls have been going bonkers.  We have been leaving the doors open for them.  They only come in to eat and sleep.

And, here are my Clown Socks!  Are they me or what?  I’m going to wear them to the circus.  I need to finish them by my birthday which is also circus day.

Orne more picture.  This is for Maria.

She is going to make this scarf.  The pattern was free, but didn’t come with a picture.  I hope this helps.  I wanted to copy this to my desktop, but it was being silly.  I figure I can print after I publish this.  Which reminds me, here’s another picture that I need to print.

Doug wants one of these.  We saw it on our walk.

Knitting is Over

March 18, 2010

I just finished knitting the front bands on my Stars sweater(sometimes refered to as the ‘Sweater from Hell).  I AM SO GLAD!  Philosophers Wool is so hard to knit.  I like the patterns, but I’ll use their yarn again.  

I still need to sew in the sleeves and weave in the ends.  The last thing to do is cut the front open and sew on the buttons.

Sunday at the Movies

March 16, 2010

I arrived in town around 2PM.  It was an enjoyable ride.  I had the Stash and Burn girls to keep me company.  There were three sessions that I hadn’t listened to on my iPod.   I had been saving them.  After getting my stuff inside and taking a nice leisurely bath, I drove over to my daughter’s house to pick up my grandson.  We drove to the theatre and I found a parking space right up front.  We went inside and bought tickets for the 7PM show.  Then we walked to a little pizza place nearby for some supper.   Around 6:30 we were wandering around the bookstore and, then, headed back to the movies around 6:45.  Am I boring you?  That’s all right because I’m about to fall asleep anyway.  OK.  We saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  I love 3D or real D or whatever they like to call it these days.  When I was a kid I saw a 3D movie that scared the beejeezes out of me. I don’t remember what it was called and I have never seen it again or even any hint of it anywhere.  Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  I loved lewis Carroll and the first Alice and this one.  What’s not to love?  There’s my favorite, Cheshire Cat.  And what did they to do Johnny Depp’s eyes?  You’ve got to hand it to him.  He’s not “above” doing any role.  I told my grandson about how his mother had a crush on him when she was in high school.  Did I ever mention that the high school used in one of his movies is just two blocks from here?  How cool is that?

Ready to Quilt

March 14, 2010

I was ready to quilt my flag when I realized my favorite machine for quilting was in my daughter’s house.  I ould quilt with the machine here, but the other is set up for quilting.  I really don’t need to use the other one.  I can use the one that’s here.  But, I WANT it.  So, I’m off to Reisterstown tomorrow.  While there, Kevin and I are going to see Alice in Wonderland.  I might also go up to Intercourse.  I don’t know yet.

I can’t decide what knitting to take.  I should take my Sweater from Hell, but it is so damn big.   So, I’m think I’ll take four pairs of socks and a hat.  I like to be prepared. 

I’ve been thinking about my next sweater.  I’ve got it down to three, I think.

Intellectually Depleted

March 12, 2010

Intellectually!  I did the taxes.  You understand.   I couldn’t cook.  So Doug took me to Pizza Hut–a large stuffed crust with beef, pepperoni, bacon and anchovies.  Disgusting! But it was what I needed.  I think I’ll make a pineapple upside-down cake tomorrow.

My flag quilt is coming along.

I also finished the neckband on the sweater this morning.   I sewed the skeet for the front band.  I made a swatch for the band and, of course, the size that looked the best is not one that I have in a long enough length.

Stars Sweater

March 10, 2010

I finally knit the last six rows.  Yeah.  The shoulder seams were also sewn.  Next, I am going to knit on the neckband.  I may actually get this thing completed. 

I have also been sewing.  I found a little flag quilt kit.  It took a while to cut all the little wavy pieces, but it’s been fun sewing the pieces together.

If anyone is interested, I put a new pattern up for gloves.  It’s for my friend who has large hands.  I ‘ll be writing another in a smaller size, too. 

I want to see Alice in Wonderland so I called my daughter to see if my grandson wanted to go.  She told me there was a water main break in town.  School has been closed so Kevin has been babysitting has other grandmother.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  She had a knee replacement over a week ago and doesn’t want to do her exercises.  She wants to be waited on.  My daughter can’t stand it.  She and I are very independent and want to do everything ourselves.  I  really  feel sorry for Kevin.  He deserves to see a good movie.