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Ready to Quilt

March 14, 2010

I was ready to quilt my flag when I realized my favorite machine for quilting was in my daughter’s house.  I ould quilt with the machine here, but the other is set up for quilting.  I really don’t need to use the other one.  I can use the one that’s here.  But, I WANT it.  So, I’m off to Reisterstown tomorrow.  While there, Kevin and I are going to see Alice in Wonderland.  I might also go up to Intercourse.  I don’t know yet.

I can’t decide what knitting to take.  I should take my Sweater from Hell, but it is so damn big.   So, I’m think I’ll take four pairs of socks and a hat.  I like to be prepared. 

I’ve been thinking about my next sweater.  I’ve got it down to three, I think.

Stars Sweater

March 10, 2010

I finally knit the last six rows.  Yeah.  The shoulder seams were also sewn.  Next, I am going to knit on the neckband.  I may actually get this thing completed. 

I have also been sewing.  I found a little flag quilt kit.  It took a while to cut all the little wavy pieces, but it’s been fun sewing the pieces together.

If anyone is interested, I put a new pattern up for gloves.  It’s for my friend who has large hands.  I ‘ll be writing another in a smaller size, too. 

I want to see Alice in Wonderland so I called my daughter to see if my grandson wanted to go.  She told me there was a water main break in town.  School has been closed so Kevin has been babysitting has other grandmother.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  She had a knee replacement over a week ago and doesn’t want to do her exercises.  She wants to be waited on.  My daughter can’t stand it.  She and I are very independent and want to do everything ourselves.  I  really  feel sorry for Kevin.  He deserves to see a good movie.

And A Good Time Was Had by All

December 28, 2009

My babies!  My son went out and bought his sister a nice present and even wrapped it.

I know that he may look like he doesn’t have a brain in his head, but  he is rather bright.  He’s also my grandson.

Bo, their Maine Coon

I showed Cora my gift from my grandson, but she was unimpressed.  What does she know? 


January 7, 2009

After reading about Chris’s new grandchild, I got to thinking about my own.  He is 14 1/2 years old, but I doubt that I will ever forget the day he was born.  My son-in-law called just as we were going to bed to say that he was taking Jenn down to Hopkins.  This was two days before Dr. T planned to induce labor.  Shehad gestational diabetes and Kevin was a good size.  Anyway, John promised to call after she was settled.  When the alarm went off at 5AM, I got up and called Hopkins.  They put me through to her.  She said to me, “When are you coming, Mommy?”  Right then, my heart did a little flip flop.  My daughter wanted me there at her side.  That little sentence told me so much.  I said I would be there as soon as the doors to Win’s summer day camp opened.  I got there in plenty of time.  Kevin’s cube shaped head didn’t help matters any.  When I held him for the first time, I couldn’t help but to count his fingers.  His hands were so much wider then Win’s.  And so was his chest!  He was built like his father.  But, when I looked into those eyes, it was like looking at my little girl all over again.  He still looks like his Mom and he’s got her mouth, too.  When he’s ready, the girls better watch out because my first husband was a great kisser.